Is It Risky To Hire A Marketing Agency That Doesn’t Have Any Case Studies? What If They Have Good Reviews?

July 5, 2023

Trying to find a marketing agency that you can rely on to take your money and turn it into game-changing results for your business can feel exhausting – but it doesn’t need to be. In fact, with a little due diligence and careful consideration, finding the perfect fit for you is rather straightforward.

In this article, we will examine whether hiring a marketing agency without case studies is risky – and if positive reviews are enough to seal the deal. Let’s get started…

Why are case studies so important?

Case studies are very important in B2B and are growing in popularity every year. This is largely because spotting equitable agencies from would-be scammers is becoming increasingly harder.

With the rise of AI, you can throw a website up overnight and populate it with content and images, so it can be difficult for some people to tell if they’ve been led astray or not.

Case studies, however, can help mitigate some of that risk by seeing ‘the proof in the pudding’ and reviewing real-life success stories from genuine businesses.

While these are certainly easy enough to fake, they’re rather straightforward to verify if you feel suspicious about a case study.

Is it risky to hire a marketing agency that doesn’t have case studies?

Many capable marketing agencies are up-to-date with the latest trends and opportunities and do not have case studies to share.

Make no mistake; this does not mean they have no previous successes. Some businesses prefer not to use case studies and let their social proof do the talking instead.

In this case, if a prospective agency has overwhelming social proof (i.e., hundreds of 5-star reviews), opting to work with them will certainly be viable.

That said, for a marketing agency to have so much social proof, they’ll be very well-established, and the fact that they refuse to offer case studies is a little bit strange. Yes, there’s always the issue of confidentiality and getting the right permissions from satisfied clients; however, after so many successful campaigns, you’d think they could get at least one case study to share with their prospective clients.

In any case, this all comes down to you…

Are case studies non-negotiable? Will you be satisfied with social proof alone?

As long as you ask some difficult questions and genuinely feel good about your prospective marketing agency, it would be best if you didn’t run into too many problems.

Final thoughts: Hire a marketing agency with “the works.”

There’s no question that you could find a capable and well-intentioned marketing agency that doesn’t have any case studies or much proof simply because they are a young agency put together by seasoned professionals. Still, it’s an unnecessary risk—having to take their word for it.

Alternatively, you can look for a marketing agency with “the works”; case studies, testimonials, and 5* reviews.

Take this marketing agency in Singapore as a great example; they have overwhelming social proof.

When investing so much money and inviting third parties into the more intimate details of your business, you deserve all the confidence you can get.


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