Is El Salvador the first Latin American Country to Adopt BTC as a legal tender?

April 14, 2023

In El Salvador, a Latin American Country, government authorities turned BTC into legal tender. People have addressed this action to revolutionize the monetary system and adopt virtuality in conventional banking structures. El Salvador is now the foremost region to monitor the use case of BTC despite its speculative attributes. El Salvador does not comprise a fiat currency of its own, and the US Dollar is the national currency of this country. If you are looking for a reliable and user-friendly trading platform, you can find one online, like the BitbotApp system.

Government authorities have also sustained USD as a national currency as it is comparatively stable. However, countries are considering forming a central bank-powered digital currency or electronic version of cash. El Salvador made a highly volatile digital currency with decentralized characters as legal tender. Yes, El Salvador made this coin a legal currency in the first place. Below is everything you should know about adopting this digital coin as the prominent entity of the financial system in El Salvador

Key Takeaways!

  • El Salvador is the first country to have national currencies of entirely different attributes. As bitcoin is virtual, and USD is traditional banknotes.
  • Undeniably governments are welcoming BTC and other digital currencies, but El Salvador has acquired the limelight by attaining a legal tender of BTC.
  • Nayib Bukele stated that this decision would surpass the remittance issue and lower the country’s employment rate.
  • El Salvador was alleged to have participated in money laundering activities after their crucial decision to adopt Bitcoin in such a manner.
  • El Salvador citizens are in and out about this decision, as many people are disconnected from a traditional banking system.

Why did El Salvador perform this move?

As discussed above, most of this country’s citizens are disconnected from a traditional banking system. Therefore, the president of this country stated that Bitcoin could be a great help to people who are not linked to any official financial organization.

The fundamental reason behind El Salvador’s crucial move is to surpass the complication of remittance. Remittance is a widespread phenomenon in El Salvador as it is listed amongst the countries to receive the highest annual remittance from developed countries like the United States. Remittance in El Salvador is a primary income source, boosting this nation’s economy. However, Salvadorans have had to pay significant transaction fees for receiving and sending remittances.

According to some sources, if this nation successfully makes BTC a legal tender, it can save almost 400 million in transaction fees annually.

Promoting Digital Currency Concept!

In El Salvador, many citizens are not familiar with the power of Bitcoin, especially in hyperinflated countries. As per the Bitcoin regulatory framework in this country, each merchant must accept BTC if the customer wants to pay through Bitcoin.

A specially designed digital currency wallet named Chivo helps instant convert BTC to USD in El Salvador. The government offered a signup bonus to facilitate the installation of this dedicated Bitcoin wallet for Salvadorans. However, citizens of other nations cannot register on this dedicated BTC wallet as it necessitates document verification.

To facilitate the adoption of Bitcoin, the government has planned to set up 700 BTC by the end of this year. In addition, the nation has 200 BTC ATMs, making Bitcoin transactions very easy. These 200 ATMs are situated in different cities of this nation, and the first one was installed in El Zonte before El Salvador decided to make Bitcoin a legal tender.

Reliance on USD in El Salvador was skyrocketing, and the country faced many challenges to increasing dependence upon this fiat currency. But now, bitcoin seems to be resolving such issues. However, to prevent hazards, the Bitcoin regulatory framework must include a robust anti-money laundering prospect; otherwise, people will misuse Bitcoin’s adoption to fund illegal activities.

Nayib Bukele seems to be very happy with his decision, and he tweeted that Bitcoin is much better than gold and provides higher returns than this precious metal.

The above-listed portion describes everything about the move of El Salvador towards Bitcoin adoption in a different manner. The legality of Bitcoin in this country has completely changed the future of Bitcoin.


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