inWebo: The Login Security Solution

May 17, 2022

inWebo is a full SaaS multifactor authentication software. It is considered a disruptive login solution because it is the highest security system on the market due to its unique technology, 100% compatible with all apps and tech architecture, making an effortless integration. Furthermore, it is device-less and password-less, giving users a friendly, easy, and frictionless experience.  Here, you are going to find all the information related to this technology.

Is security important?

The fraudulent attacks target the access of your customers, employees, or partners. 91% of cyber-attacks are made with phishing. Confidential information is stolen, causing fraudulent transfers and impacts on the company’s brand image, among other damages. Another form of online fraud is credential stuffing attacks that take advantage of the multiple login platforms and the propensity of users that use the same password in all of their applications.

And the growth of malware and ransomware is another risk factor. It consists of the installation of malicious programs on users’ computers that allows hackers to use the user’s keyloggers and codes to recover the identification data from stealing accounts and identities. 

The internet insecurity makes urgent and necessary the implementation of technologies that protect your data by making strong the authentication of the login process.  

inWebo is the safest security system?

With the strong inWebo 2FA/MFA device-less authentication software, you can secure access to your internal and external applications, having complete protection. This technology protects access to your resources and provides a unified connection experience across all sensitive applications.

inWebo is a complete software that offers Single Sign-On (SSO), solutions VPN, Identity and Access Management (IAM), privileged accounts (PAM), customer mobile applications protection, business application protection, and software as a service (SaaS) application.

Its unique combination of Random Dynamic Keys technology and Hardware Security Module (HSM) are unbreachable in your entire life because they are proven against reverse engineering. It works with tokens device-less and password-less. Also, it the highly secure and is active while you are offline

This marvelous technology is certified by the French organization: Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (ANSSI).

What about the user experience?

One of the things that make a different inWebo from other security software is the user experience. A lot of login security systems have complicated authentication methods. This technology has universal tokens that work on all of your devices: computer, mobile, and tablet. 

The browser token of inWebo is device-less, which means that it is not necessary to have your computer to use the software due to the One-Time Password (OTP) technology, a second authentication factor plus the commonly used username and password.

Something that makes an easier and more friendly user experience is that the software integrates the White Label with its own Software Development Kit (SDK). The MFA is always ready to use, thanks to the Application Programming Interface (API) of inWebo. Accessible in SaaS and rich in connectors and connections, the inWebo device-less strong authentication software is a solution that adapts to your technical constraints without imposing new ones.

Without a doubt, this technology makes a faster, simpler, and safer login experience for business apps such as Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce, Zoho, CRM, VPN, SSO, and even custom apps such as e-banking, e-health, and e-commerce. That’s why it is a perfect match for VIP protection, customers, employees, and partners.  

Which are the benefits of using inWebo?

Strong authentication means more benefits than limitations because investing in cybersecurity contributes to making faster and to the organization’s operations flexibilization, allowing to optimize them and growing the company’s productivity and profit. 

One of the inWebo advantages is mobility. This technology provides a worldwide connection to all enterprise applications. In addition, the software offers flexibility, thanks to the integration that is compatible with your technical architecture, no matter what it is. Furthermore, the simplicity of using it is because it does not require equipment that constraints users. It can be used just with common devices such as mobiles, desktops, and browser tokens. 

Think about authentication security implies looking for effective and user-friendly systems. That’s why mobility, flexibility, and simplicity are important factors in choosing the best technology. inWebo is a complete and ideal device-less strong authentication software solution.


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