IntactPhone Encrypted Phone Series – Data Security for All

March 22

Encrypted – this word sounds very techy, but even if you are not a technoid, this word holds an important place in almost all aspects of your life. Whether it is about your credit card or even Whatsapp, encryption plays an important role. Encryption is accommodated and incorporated to protect your data. Encrypted phones make it harder and difficult for cyber harmers to encounter your personal information as decrypting is extremely difficult which provides you a tremendous edge. It assists you in being extra safe.

There are some amazing encrypted phones available in the market today that help in ensuring your safety from all the cybercriminals. Let us have a look at the encrypted phone series by IntactPhone. IntactPhone offers high-quality phones with a highly efficient encryption system that ensures that the user’s privacy is taken care of through and through.

IntactPhone Arcane

This cellphone comes highly recommended for all individuals and business persons as it offers high security of your personal data. It comes with a charger with a USB port and earbuds. This version of the cellphone has network coverage in almost all parts of the world which includes Europe, the USA, Asia, and LATAM. Not just this, but IntacPhone Arcane stands out due to its amazing and alluring specifications in this competitive market, along with being encrypted and secured.

With an HD screen of 5.7 inches and a display resolution of 720*1440px, the picture quality is enticing. With its 2950mAh battery, it has a standby of more than 200 hours, and the working time for the phone is a minimum of 10 to 16 hours. This cellphone is available in the most attractive color, that is black! Not just this, IntactPhone Arcane is equipped with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. Along with it, its amazing camera with 8MP for the front camera and 16MP with flash for the rear camera makes it even more amazing.

Intactphone is highly recommended because it’s extremely secured and helps you in keeping all your private and personal information to yourself. These phones are designed in a way that the hardware is manufactured by themselves and it contains an application entre that permits you to download and install all those applications that are verified only, and this ensures to eliminate all the chances of haunting your personal information.

Besides this, communication is also encrypted which refers that the service provider would not be able to listen to your calls and your talks would remain private. This amazing set of mobile phones is highly affordable and would cost you only $1099.95, and it is assured that you would not get this sort of amazing phone within this range.

IntactPhone Bond

IntactPhone Bond is the best phone when it comes to prioritizing your security and privacy as it the most securely encrypted mobile device, specifically best for business persons. Intactphone Bond comes with a highly affordable price tag of $620. This amount comes with a lot of distinguishing features, which does justice to the price.

This model is available in the USA, Canada, Mexico, EMEA, China, Japan and is going to be introduced in the rest of the world soon. This amazing model of cellphone has a fingerprint sensor, accelerometer, and proximity sensors that make it stand out from all other cellphones. It allows you to insert two sims, one being nano-sim and the other a multi-sim.

It is available in black color which makes it even more attractive. With a ROM of 16GB and RAM of 2GB, it allows you to save all your data. Intactphone Bond is equipped with a removable battery of 2500 mAh. Everyone looks for a good camera in a cellphone and the Intactphone Bond seems to fulfill this requirement with a 5MP rear camera with flash and 2MP front camera. It also offers you a memory card slot that enables you to store more data on your cellphone.

IntactPhone R2

Intactphone R2 comes with a USB charger and earbuds with an aux connector. This phone is highly recommended for military personnel use as it offers high-grade security of their data. The IntactPhone R2 supports networks all over Aisa, the USA, LATAM, and Europe. IntactPhone R2 comes with an IP68 standard protected glass which ensures protection of the physical specificities of your cellphone.

Accompanying a lot of sensors such as Proximity, Light, G-sensor, Gesture and Gyroscope and Magnetic makes it even more functional and easy to use. IntactPhone R2 is extremely user-friendly and the price is extremely affordable that is $1799.95.

Not only the price but its defensiveness and security-oriented features make it even more operatable for severe and corporate environments to ensure that they are eliminating the probable chances of being cyber haunted. With IntactPhone R2 secure communications unhackable phone is just what military and police personnel should own.

All the messages and communication are encrypted with a 256-bit AES and several keys are used for every chat session that you have to press to keep your talks personal and private. Its amazing battery capacity of 4100 mAh ensures that you have more than 250 hours of stand-up and 24 to 30 working time on your cellphone. Its beautiful appearance in black color makes it even attractive and compels one to buy it anyways.

Encrypted phones are a go-to nowadays, ensuring that you are protected from all regulatory fines. Encrypted phones also help you work safely, especially when you’re working remotely. There is no doubt in saying that encrypted phones safeguard your privacy and provide you an edge to eliminate all the chances of being tracked and your privacy being compromised. Encrypted phones from IntactPhone ensure your safety along with a user-friendly experience.


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