Install Spotify for Windows

January 7, 2018

Spotify for windows was the first OS to see the light when it launched this app that has captivated millions of people around the world since its release.

Today it is the most used operating system on the planet and is the pioneer when launching new app or programs for almost all brands that are known, because making a program that is not available for this OS is intended for Failure before its launch, but in the Swedish company was not so and relied from the first moment on windows to be able to achieve the success they have today.

Guide to download Spotify for windows 10

Its use and navigation are very simple, you will find what you are looking for in a couple of clicks, thanks to this since it is a very easy platform to navigate and enjoy it without headaches, it is the most used.


The answer to this question is very simple and easy but not everyone knows it or because it is a newbie in the use of smartphones or computers, from here we want to help you because as the saying goes, nobody is born learned.

Steps to follow:

1- Download the app with a single click

2- Once downloaded click on it and it will install very fast

3- When the installation of Spotify for windows 10 is completed properly if it is a computer or for your Lumia for example if you have a smartphone that uses this operating system enter it.

4- Once inside you will ask for the account data, if you do not have any you must create one

5- To create your account you must complete your data or you can do it by joining your personal facebook account.

6- You will receive an email to confirm that your account is yours, you must click on the link of the email.

7- When confirming your data you have to enter the app and enter with them.

If you have followed correctly the previous 7 steps you will not have a problem to download the app and be able to enjoy it correctly.

On the contrary, if you have a problem or give you a bug, remember that we are here to help you and you can leave us a comment on this article and we gladly help you.

Once you are inside you can start using it and discover for yourself the different options that has Spotify for windows 10 on your computer or for your Lumia, surely you will be surprised and you will hook up to listen to music daily.

You will start with the free plan but if you want to have a better quality and forget the advertising I recommend you go to the premium plan, the service is very good and of a great quality since you can perform other tasks that with the freedom you can not do, But I leave it in your choice.


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