In what ways can you invest in cryptocurrency? 

October 20, 2021

Cryptocurrency has become a desperate and obsessed part of Finance discussions. It is gaining popularity all around the globe due to its convenience and beneficial system. Every step from buying cryptocurrency from any exchange to saving it into your wallet is crucial. While investing in this new technology, you don’t need to understand cryptography and mathematics. You should only be required to know how to buy it, where to buy it and how to keep it safe from thieves and hackers.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency developed a decade ago. The Cryptocurrency industry has shown exclusive growth after the launch of this new technology and is still growing rapidly. There are more than one thousand types of cryptos available in the market. Out of them, twenty are more active and well known among the investors. If you want to earn wealth, making investments and cryptocurrency can be a great option for you: official ekrona website. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized and digital asset and you have a better and complete command of it.

Begin your crypto investment venture

Just like the type of cryptocurrency available, there’s not only one way to get your journey started in it. Depending upon your preferences and whether you want to align with the ethos of the ecosystem and “be your bank,” or if you want help managing your investment, there are opportunities for everyone just starting.

Remember that beyond the type of cryptocurrency and method investment you’re using, it is still risky. Either you could be a crypto millionaire or you could end up losing all the entire value of your investments. Make sure to be in financially stable and sound condition because it takes time to assess your risk appetite before putting money towards the asset class.

Here is the list provided of all the possible ways in which you can buy Cryptocurrencies:

Finance Apps

The most traditional and easiest method is to download an app and buy cryptos. Buying cryptocurrency from a Finance app helps you to trade or invest it for profit in US dollars. There are various payment services owned by companies that allow others to purchase different cryptocurrencies. PayPal allows you to purchase four cryptocurrencies bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, and litecoin. Sofi allows you to buy 21 different kinds of cryptocurrencies tokens and coins.

The main benefit of this product is to make  investors feel more at ease with the slick user interfaces but it also has some limitations such as

  • Some apps don’t let the users send the cryptocurrency they’ve bought to any other crypto wallets.

The apps support only a few Cryptocurrencies out of thousand ones which makes it a limited choice for a variety of persons.

Decentralized Exchanges

Some exchanges are the decentralized ethos of the crypto industry and are also used by some investors. DEXes are not managed and run by an individual or organization. It allows for peer-to-peer crypto transactions without intermediaries.

There are diverse options available like Uniswap, SushiSwap, dYdX, and 1inch. Using DEX has its pros and cons. There’s not only one entry involved in the management of a user’s assets. It tends to have more complex user interfaces that aren’t always intuitive for those used to traditional and straightforward finance applications and there isn’t much recourse for users who lose funds on these exchanges.

Centralized Exchanges

These Exchanges offer a greater selection for the users. Buying cryptocurrency through crypto-first digital wallets and exchange provides users with more choice and functionality.

The availability of Exchanges depends on the locality you live in but most options are available throughout the globe.

Centralized exchanges are subject to a single business license, which is why they offer protections that some investors might appreciate, including insurance in the event of cybersecurity breaches, regulatory clarity since they are businesses licensed and help protect assets. Centralized exchanges generally offer more intuitive user interfaces, making them more accessible to new cryptocurrency investors.

NFT marketplaces 

It is among the latest styles. NFT stands for non-fungible tokens that can be used for a variety of functions including accessing and owning digital assets, but lately, the buzz has focused on digital artwork based on NFTs. There are many marketplaces where users can follow NFT collections and purchase artwork. OpenSea is perhaps the most popular secondary market for NFTs that requires users to already have an Ethereum wallet, such as MetaMask, funded by Ether to purchase NFTs. There are other popular options for accessing NFTs. Nifty Gateway, an NFT marketplace maintained by the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, allows NFTs to be purchased using traditional payment methods, such as credit cards.

The bottom line:

As the crypto industry evolves, it becomes easier and safer to invest in crypto assets. It’s an interesting range that gives you entrance to new technology that shapes innovation in many industries, but also comes with risk. Investing in cryptocurrency is still very risky. You will want to be in a financially secure position before you start investing any money in crypto assets. Be sure to do your research and remember that your assets are not insured by the Federal Insurance Corporation.


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