Improving Customer Support: Training, Tools, or Outsourcing?

March 26, 2021

According to the latest research, 88% of companies prioritize customer experience and journey. In their turn, 74% of customers leave a company that provides a bad experience. 30% of them would share a story about their bad experience on the internet. That’s why providing good customer support and support is one of the main tasks of almost every business.

Customer support agents require constant teaching and QA. To be sure that your customer support performs at the top of its capabilities, a business can spend resources for training and teaching. Another option is to outsource customer support to professionals from or any other provider. A professional outsourced team can take care of your customers and provide you with the necessary expertise and experience.

Customer Support: Training

Imagine you have an in-house customer support team. It deals with the customers’ issues, answers their questions, responds to their calls and letters. To provide support services of the best quality and maintain customer satisfaction on a consistently high level, it requires:

  • Training.
  • Access to the latest information about the company or a product.
  • Access to the newest techniques, methods, and innovations in the world of support.

To make this a reality, a business can organize personal or team-wide master classes on the most relevant professional topics. Implementing a certification will ensure the customer support agents use the latest and most effective approaches to every customer. This will provide a personalized approach to the customers and will eliminate frustration in 71% of the customer base.

Customer Support: Tools

Any business that wants to provide the best customer support services must implement tools that will help the support team store and use the information they get from customers. 87% of businesses now use some kind of cloud-based CRM.

There are software solutions that might be helpful in building a customer support team for any business. Most of them are available via a subscription depending on the number of agents who have access to the software or the functionality needed by the team.

Selecting the type or the exact software suitable for specific needs is one of the first and one of the most crucial steps on the way to a perfect support team.

Customer Support: Outsourcing

Customer support, if in-house, is a difficult team to manage. It needs a lot of resources, power, and a will to build the processes step by step. At the same time, it is the face and voice of the company. It has to be perfect to attract leads and keep already existing customers. Not every business has the possibility to invest money in a customer support department creation. In this situation, the best option is to delegate this work to a professional outsourcing customer support company.

A customer support outsourcing partner will study your business and product, hire a team of appropriately-trained and perfectly-suited customer support agents, and will update you on the progress. They will take a load of customer communication off of you. This can help you focus on other business-related tasks and processes and improve your business’ performance overall. Usually, customer support suppliers can provide different types of services. The most common tasks to outsource are:

  • Call, chat and email answering services.
  • Presales.
  • Telemarketing.
  • Technical support.
  • Sales, etc.

To avoid any difficulties tied to customer support outsourcing, make sure your future business partner has a good reputation and can provide the services they offer. Take a look at their website and social media, try to get some feedback from their previous clients.

One more option — request a trial month. Some outsourced customer support suppliers offer the first trial month for free. You sign a contract with them and start the collaboration. During this time their team organizes the processes, hires the support team members, and generally demonstrates the way they operate. And it all comes for free. This is a perfect option for businesses that had no previous experience with support outsourcing and want to get a better semblance of how it all works. For example, online platforms like LinkedIn have a good reputation for starting something new for free. But you need to have connections with people to grow. That’s why LinkedIn users look for the LinkedIn bot as a growth tool.

Another important decision to make before searching for an outsourced customer support company is its location. One can:

  • Focus on the country tier business operates in or;
  • Search for a support provider operating in other countries. Outsourcing companies in the Philippines, Ukraine, India, and Belarus will provide services of good quality and lower prices.

Outsourcing customer support is worth trying. It can become a boost for your business and open new horizons you might not even have thought about.


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