iMind Video Conferencing Platform: Your Trusted Online Service Provider 

November 19, 2022

Modern digital technology is of great importance in human activities today, both personally and corporately. They substantially save time in processing large volumes of data and also bring innovative innovations to businesses that provide tangible benefits to corporations. 

One such business tool is the use of video conferencing, which is widely used around the world for a variety of purposes. Videoconferencing is a technology that allows participants to see and listen to each other, exchange information with each other, and process it interactively. 

This is the opportunity offered by iMind, which offers an effective system of videoconferencing for large corporations and small companies. 

About the iMind Platform in General

To appreciate all the benefits of its service, iMind provides customers with a free trial function. Accessibility, ease of use, and ongoing support have made it the market leader in corporate video conferencing. For those who doubt the potential of iMind’s service, the company offers the possibility to hold video conferences with a large number of participants. Besides, iMind offers its users to become a partner in its program, which gives them extra income. The iMind service tariff schedule is formed following the number of videoconference participants. 

Using iMind you can arrange a high-quality video conference room or, in case of a large number of participants – a webinar. There are no problems at all. To organize a video conference on the computer, there is no need to install special software.  

iMind Platform Capabilities

The necessary feature is also the availability of communication channels, which can be the Internet or digital telephone channels. 

The video conferencing service allows you to hold the following:

  • presentations; 
  • meetings;
  • webinars;
  • workshops;
  • training seminars; 
  • chat for business;
  • training sessions and much more. 

The service provides a guaranteed, uninterrupted connection via a secure channel. The security is configured according to customer requirements.

Feedback From Users on the Platform

Numerous members have given very positive reviews of iMind. You can always read more about it from various Internet sources, and you can also read more about it at various places on the web.  

You can easily read more on the different websites.

Thus, an iMind meeting is suited to organizing or participating in webinars. To gain access to a webinar, you simply introduce yourselves and join the webinar lounge.

Advantages of Video Conferencing with iMind

It is no secret that the purpose of video conferencing and meetings is to communicate – it is achieved in different ways. Each of them has pros and cons. Here are some of them to help you decide if you need video conferencing from the iMind video conferencing platform.

Pros of Video Conferencing: 

  1. You do not depend on the place – connect via video from any part of the world. Do you and your interlocutor have the Internet, camera, computer, or phone? Theoretically, this is enough to call from Australia to America and add a colleague who is now on another continent to the conference. Video communication is limitless.
  2. Video communication is cheaper than a personal meeting – continuing the previous point, you also save on travel! No need to fly across half the planet or even further. Internet traffic is cheaper than flights.
  3. It is fast – completing geographical points, video communication allows you to see and talk to people living far away faster than any other way. After all, you just need to press one button!
  4. Easy to record the meeting – to record your meeting on video, you need additional equipment and knowledge. And how to record a video conference? Press “Record” during the call, and you’re done! Download it from iMind and store it on your computer forever.
  5. Demonstrate your screen – not every physical call has 12 screens, each of which is connected to the laptops of the conference participants. Video communication makes it possible to simultaneously screen share with the interlocutors. It will be useful when comparing budget tables and demonstrating graphs, for example. 

Yes, technology can easily fail. The Internet is not always stable, headphones work intermittently, and the electricity can suddenly be cut off. But iMind is ready to provide you with the best service and modesty on its part.

Possible iMind Video Conferencing Usage Areas

Video conferencing has gained a foothold as the most necessary tool for remote interaction due to how useful it has been during the pandemic:

  • In education – online schools have become real only thanks to video communication. Conducting lessons, communicating with students, checking assignments – all this is possible thanks to video conferencing.
  • In medicine – successful operations can be carried out by controlling the staff via video communication, which has proved in practice the effectiveness of this method. Now telemedicine is used not only for operations but also for daily communication, consultations with a doctor, and appointments.
  • In court proceedings – video communication is widespread in courts. It allows participants who are impossible or very difficult to get there physically to attend the meeting. During the coronavirus, video communication in court has become the main form of communication. 
  • In business – connect with colleagues and partners from all over the world. Where ordinary telephone conversations will not convey the whole spectrum, and a personal meeting is expensive and difficult to execute, video conferencing comes to the rescue.

The iMind tool has many advantages that should be emphasized, but the main thing is how balanced and reliable the tool is for any communication, even in case of free use.

So, first of all, you need to identify the purpose for which the service will be used and be guided by the requirements you set for it. 

Increase the efficiency of your operations by organizing video conferences with employees, customers, and partners who are far away from you.

Save money on business trips, travel, and training with a convenient and easy-to-use video conferencing service. Cut the time to make important decisions and discuss operational issues from anywhere in the world: in the office, at home, on the road, in a café.

Choose the one that best suits your needs. And our platform will provide you with the rest.


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