iMind Platform: Business Video Conferencing and Chat Platform Reviews

August 24, 2022 is a service that removes geography as a barrier to face-to-face encounters. This is a smooth communication platform for people and professionals. What it does is help support workflow and balance working relationships among all employees. Many iMind reviews reveal that users often use video conferencing and chat for their business.

Features of the iMind Platform

What are the functionalities of iMind?

There are useful features and capabilities of the iMind video conferencing platform. The key ones are:

  • has a free plan;
  • there is the possibility of creating up to 10 rooms for free;
  • concurrent screen sharing; the video quality is high;
  • features background noise suppression;
  • it’s simple to create a meeting room: you enter the name of the conference room and you get a link. Then just copy it and send it to the participants;
  • you can join the meeting easily: just click the link;
  • you can customize the volume of participants;
  • there’s a recording option for the conference;
  • you can record several conferences at the same time in various rooms of your Pro plan.

However, the number of meeting rooms a user can create depends on their subscription.

iMind Subscription Choices

There are several good options for your business:

  1. FREE Plan: up to 10 rooms.
  2. PRO Plan: up to 100 rooms.
  3. BUSINESS PLAN: unlimited number of rooms.

Live chat for business allows 12 participants to communicate via video. The conference calls allow users to communicate with other participants regardless of time or location.

iMind and a Free Trial

What is included in my free trial subscription:

  • maximum number of participants connected to a video conference;
  • the organizer of the videoconference;
  • number of simultaneous events;
  • 4GB of space for documents and meeting recording on your cloud drive.

You will save money and try out all the benefits of the service.

iMind Updates

New features include:

  • The ability to deploy HD video images in full screen, with full-screen mode available for video sessions on both the server solution and the cloud.
  • Expanded survey functionality: Results of completed surveys can be uploaded even after the video meeting is over. The updated version of Mind is easier to install.

Mind cloud users received these updates as part of the product for free and without having to install them themselves, and new customers of the server version of the solution will receive these features when they install the product.

Pros and Cons of the Video Calling Platform

Which are the advantages and disadvantages of is the best value-based meeting platform on the market and gives you access to a wide range of tools. It offers major advantages:

  • high security;
  • ease of use;
  • attractive and clear user interfaces;
  • simple and precise functions.

In order to create a meeting room, you need to register on iMind or log in to your account. You will then be automatically redirected to your account control panel. There you will be able to manage your meeting rooms: view the current ones or create a new one.

The is a very underrated application that more companies should take advantage of. The one thing some users will mention is that after free resources, they can be expensive on an annual basis. Sometimes it can lag when there are a lot of participants in a room. However, in general, it works well for sessions.

iMind’s users can confirm all the aforementioned advantages of the application. Even if you have no experience in using video conferencing software, you can watch video reviews about iMind and get familiar with all informative templates, tools, and functionality. When you register on the platform, you get an opportunity to use many features provided by iMind right away. In short, users rate the app as useful and user-friendly, without redundant and unnecessary tools. Therefore, we highly recommend you to try this platform for business or personal purposes. And you will see how your efficiency and motivation to meet more often will improve.

Feedback from Customers

What is the user feedback on the platform?

Many clients use for business. Their testimonials say that the platform has proven to be a high-quality service. They like that they can bring the office work to their homes with video conferencing and online chats. And they can do it on their laptops, their PCs, or their mobile phones.

A Comparison of iMind vs. Zoom

Ideal for video conferencing, iMind is the video conferencing software. Our iMind products are compatible with all browsers and operating systems, work with hardware terminals from any manufacturer, and are fully integrated with third-party MCUs.

If we make a brief analysis comparing iMind service with another popular Zoom platform, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • iMind is easier to learn than Zoom;
  • unlimited recording of conferences at all price plans;
  • it is 30% cheaper than Zoom;
  • in terms of functionality, it is fundamentally inferior to Zoom.

Thus, the iMind platform is not inferior to the famous Zoom and even has more advantages.

6 Reasons to use iMind for You

So, after all of the above, you can make a list of reasons why you need iMind:

  1. The possibility of combining several conference rooms into a single webinar room. This enables a full-fledged meeting or video conference between several cities and even countries.
  2. Server resilience to extreme loads. We provide the capacity to handle up to 10,000 participants.
  3. Convenient use of the application as a video or audio call. Full 1920x1080px video resolution.
  4. Complete security of the streaming stream and participants’ personal data. With user data theft on the rise, we have seriously considered this point by increasing the security of our app.
  5. Time-saving in meeting set-up and the ability to connect to a seminar from any location. Access requires only a phone and an Internet connection.
  6. Fee for using the application in a convenient way (we work with legal entities and individuals).

iMind is obviously worth your attention. This platform will help you evolve your business and take your meetings to a professional level.


With, employees can access information through video conferencing. Members find useful features related to management and leadership. All they have to do is look for them. They have plenty of free themes, informative templates, and simple tools.

No need to register just to communicate. It’s also convenient that you don’t have to download or install anything.

Thus, iMind is a fantastic choice for both large and small businesses.


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