How to Download iMessage for Windows 10

July 17, 2020

iMessage is among the very highly rated and popular App on earth of technology today. IMessage is essentially an Apple instant messaging service. iMessage for Windows will help you send text, picture, sound, video, audio, location and a lot more items in a very simple way as it functions like any other chatting program.

There are many other messaging apps available in the market but iMessage is one of the most unique and best Chatting App for iOS users.

The App is not available on Android any other platforms. Also, iMessage for Windows is not available officially. But if you want to download and install iMessage for Windows 10 then you can follow this article.

The most fascinating things about apple iMessage are that it works only on Apple devices like iPad, iPhone or some other Apple devices. In the current guide, we are going to share the ways of downloading iMessage on Windows 10.

How to Download and Install iMessage for Windows

iMessage allows users to make free calls and chat with friends using iOS devices. The application was exclusive to iOS till now, but today we’re talking about its workaround, so we are able to even use it on Windows PC. Though there are lots of free mobile messaging applications out there on the market, people do love using iMessage.

Remember there are other messaging and chatting apps to be found on the App shop. The standalone iMessage app gives the conversational context and the necessary flexibility to develop new native experiences.

How to Use iMessage on Windows PC

Here are some best and simple methods, that you can use to download iMessage on your Windows PC or Laptop. These methods are very easy to follow.

Method 1: Using Chrome Remote Desktop

1. For this guide, you will need a Mac, iMessage App installed on that Mac and then Windows PC.

2. Now Download Google Chrome Browser and Chrome Remote Desktop app on both Mac and Windows Computers.

3. Now open Google Chrome on both Mac and Windows and open Chrome Remote Desktop.

4. On Mac, download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer. Install the same on Windows PC.

5. When you open the app, you will see a code. This code is used to connect both Mac and Windows computers.

iMessage for Windows

6. Once done, you can use iMessage on Windows.

Method 2: Use iPadian Emulator

Another method to Download and use iMessage for Windows PC is to use iOS emulators like iPadian. You can easily download and install iPadian App for Windows.

1. Download and Install iPadian from

2. Now open the App and Install it.

iPadian iMessage
iPadian iMessage

3. Search for iMessage in the Search and then open iMessage.

4. Log in using your Apple ID and Password. Once done, open it and start using it.

Can you use iMessage on Windows 10?

Yes, with MacOS emulator, you can easily download and use iMessage App on your Windows PC or laptop.

Is there any way to get iMessage on Windows?

There is no official app from Apple till now, but you can use it with a little trick.

How do I get my iPhone messages on Windows 10?

You can use iMessage on Windows with Mac emulators or MacOS, which you can install with hackingtosh.

Having iMessage in Windows is possible, even though it requires a string of steps. After you proceed through the steps, you’ll find that getting iMessage from the computer is possibly the simplest thing ever.

If you are facing any issue then comment down. We will try to fix it.


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