Fix HTTP Error 504 Gateway Timeout Error

March 31, 2018

504 Gateway Timeout Error occurs due to slow IP communication between the back-end systems. In simple words, the error 504 arises when the server you are requesting for the webpage didn’t get the webpage from another webserver on which it relies. There can be many other causes due to which this error caused.

Causes of Error 504

The main causes due to which the 504 Gateway Timeout Error occurred are:

  1. The browser might be infected by Virus or Malware.
  2. Some corruption in system registry because of installation and uninstallation process.
  3. In most of the cases, the problem is with the server, which might be taking a long time.

How to Fix HTTP Error 504 Gateway Timeout Error

Here are some simple and easy fixes which helped most of the users in fixing this error you can also try them.

Fix 1 – Reload your webpage

When you see 504 Gateway Timeout Error on your screen when you seek to load a webpage, the reason can be the server which is transferring the webpage didn’t get the request or response on time. For example a few days ago I am trying to open the web page of a site square space and get an error 504 gateway time out Squarespace the reason is at that time the server of that site went down worldwide. So to if you also get the same type of error, then the simple and easiest step can just reload the webpage.

Fix 2 – Check for Virus or Malware in your System

If you are getting Error HTTP Error 504 Gateway Timeout when you try to load any webpage, then there are some chances of presence of virus or malware infection on your device. So to solve this error at first, you have to perform a virus scan on your device. After scanning if it will return you some infected files or programs, then repair them. After repairing your system, you will see that the Error 504 is gone and now you can easily access all the websites without any error.

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Fix 3 – Perform a cleanup for Junk Files

Sometimes the reason of 504 Gateway Timeout Error can be the presence of junk files that is temporary files and folders. To solve this error you have to perform Disk clean-up. It will clean all the junk files that are hopping memory on your disk and creating issues. You can use “cleanmgr” command for cleaning the disk of your device. It will also clean the cache memory of files and folders that are of no use. After performing the clean-up process of your disk, open your web browser and load the webpage you want to and you will see the error is gone. This method will also help you fix, 504 gateway timeout PHP error.

Fix 4 – Restart your Network devices

The error 504 Gateway Timeout Error may also occur if there is a problem in any of your network device. Temporary issues with the networking devices can lead you to this error. You have to restart networking devices like router, switches, modem or any other networking hardware devices. After restarting your device, you will see the Error HTTP Error 504 Gateway Timeout id now gone. Sometimes the problem is so small that only restarting can solve your problem. You don’t need to perform a hard task to solve this problem. One thing you have to remember here is the order in which you turn off the devices is not that much important, but the order in which you turn them on is important. So be careful when you turn on the devices.

Fix 5 – Change the DNS server

The reason for Error HTTP Error 504 Gateway Timeout can be the DNS server which you are currently using. To solve this error you have to change the DNS server which you are currently using. The DNS server you are using is the one automatically assigned to you by your ISP. But there are a number of DNS servers available you can choose anyone. You can prefer Free & Public DNS Servers list for options.

This can be the option you can try to solve the Error 504. After changing the DNS server of your network restart your network. After restarting you will find the error is gone and now you can enjoy web browsing.

Fix 6 – Update your PC drivers

If all the methods didn’t work for you, then the problem can be with the drivers of your PC. The drivers which you are using are outdated and solving this problem you have to update all the drivers of your system.

To do that follow the steps:

Step 1: Scan your device.

Step 2: Download the latest version of drivers for your system, which is compatible with your system.

Step 3: Install the updated version of software on your system.

Step 4: Restart your system.

After restarting your device check, all the updates version of software are installed properly on your system. Now check ifcan’t install app, error code – 504has gone or not.

Fix 7 – Clean installation of Windows

The last rescue for you is to perform a clean installation of windows. It may be possible that at the time of windows installation some error occurred. Because of an incomplete installation of Windows many errors can arise on your system. A clean reinstallation of Windows will solve the error 504 from your system. Not only this but many errors like BSOD, update failure, driver’s error and many more errors can be easily solved by performing a clean installation of Windows. But one thing always remembers before performing a reinstallation of windows always take backup of your data and application programs. The chances of data loss are there when you perform a reinstallation of windows. So before proceeding to further steps, just take a backup. After reinstalling the windows, you will see that the Error 504 is not anymore on your system.

These are some simple and quick fixes, using which you can easily solve this error. We hope all the above-explained fixes help you in solving this error. If you still have any query write to us in below comment section. We will always ready to help you.


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