How Will Online Casinos Top Lucky Wheel Bonuses?

May 26, 2023

Online casinos have evolved in so many ways since they first burst onto the scene, with the bonuses available to players advancing greatly along with the games. Nowadays, promotions have gone way beyond the deposit matches found at early sites and now include innovative gamified options like lucky wheels.

The question is, where will casino bonuses go from here? They may have reached their pinnacle for now but could be enhanced further when virtual reality enters the mainstream.

Spinning Wheels Have Pushed Bonuses into New Realms

Players have always been able to take advantage of a vast number of freebies at online casinos, but lucky wheels have taken that to the next level. Members of the top brands can enjoy daily free spins with bonus rounds, where they have the chance to pick up rewards such as credits to use on the games or cash prizes. Along with providing players with a chance to win, simply spinning the wheel for a chance at a random prize can be an experience worth coming back to for some players.

It’s clear that these spinning wheel bonuses have pushed online casino offers into new territory, and it’s hard for anyone to top them. Indeed, the genius of these bonuses is that they combine elements of casino games like slots and roulette and give players a chance to spin for free. The fact that they can then get a monetary or gaming-focused reward from them often acts as an added sweetener. Sites could offer their own versions of lucky wheels, or they could think about how to take them forward in their evolution into virtual reality.

Bonuses Could be Enhanced by Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is on the way, with many experts expecting it to be mainstream by 2030. When it does become an everyday household device, there’s no doubt that online casinos will start to align their offerings with the technology. Some developers like Microgaming and NetEnt have already experimented with VR and given examples of how roulette and slots could look in the new world. However, there haven’t been many indicators of how bonuses could be presented in VR yet.

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With the rise of live casino and game show-style titles gaining mass followings, there’s a chance that VR could take this concept and use it for bonuses in the future. It’s clear that social media influencers are having a greater impact on online casinos every year, and they could potentially be used to spin lucky wheels in real-time and reward bonuses to players.

When VR gets advanced and starts to offer alternative universes, there could be fully functioning virtual casinos. When players enter, they could be faced with a giant lucky wheel in the foyer. They could then spin this to see what type of bonus they are able to claim.

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Until VR comes into the mainstream, it will be hard for online casinos to beat lucky wheel bonuses. These have become hugely popular and could be enhanced further when VR casinos come about.


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