How Using a Bidet Can Change Your Life for the Better

Most of us wouldn’t characterize any of our bathroom experiences as being “life-changing.” Instead, most of our bathroom visits are boring, mundane features of our daily routines.

To set realistic expectations, we should say that no individual change you make to your bathroom is going to make you live twice as long or help you get your next promotion at work. But there are some simple upgrades that can instantly make your bathroom experiences more comfortable and improve your health in the process.

Installing and using a bidet is one such upgrade. Bidets are better for you in almost every conceivable way, and they’re relatively easy to install as well.

So how can using a bidet change your life for the better?

Better Cleaning and a Better Feeling

Consider eating a greasy, messy cheeseburger, then wiping off your hands with a napkin. Would your hands feel totally clean after this? If you’re like most people, you can probably viscerally feel the leftover grease and grime on your hands. 

Instead of merely relying on a piece of paper, you would get to a sink as soon as you could and wash your hands to make sure they were clean. That’s because soap and water, or even just water, do a much better job of cleaning than paper.

Similarly, toilet paper never does a perfect job of getting you clean. If you want to feel cleaner, fresher, and better overall after a bathroom experience, the jet of water from a bidet can help you do it.

Less Reliance on Toilet Paper

Using a bidet, you can greatly reduce or even eliminate the toilet paper you use. This can help you in several different ways.

  • No roughness. Using toilet paper is rough and results in discomfort for most people. The abrasiveness of toilet paper is an unpleasant experience that most of us would rather do without.
  • No endless wiping. We’ve all had the experience of endlessly wiping after a bowel movement, never feeling perfectly clean. Some experiences are still going to be messier than others, but cleaning with a bidet is far preferable for most people.
  • Fewer toilet clogs. Toilet paper is a leading cause of toilet clogging, especially if you’re a heavy user. There’s no guarantee your toilet will never clog if you stop using toilet paper, but your number of clogs is probably going to be greatly reduced.
  • Lower costs. How much money do you spend on toilet paper on a monthly basis? What about yearly? Switching to a bidet could save you a ton of money.
  • Environmental benefits. Collectively, Americans use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper per year. This, in turn, contributes to deforestation and is generally considered unsustainable. Bidets do use a small amount of water, but they’re considered a sustainable alternative to toilet paper.

Cleaner Hands

Using a bidet also means you can be less reliant on your hands; the jet of water takes care of most of the cleaning for you. You won’t have to clean yourself as thoroughly or as intimately, meaning you’ll end up with cleaner hands.

Health Benefits

There are several health benefits associated with using bidets as well:

  • Fewer hemorrhoids. Studies show that using a bidet could reduce your chances of developing hemorrhoids – and make it more comfortable to use the bathroom if you already suffer from hemorrhoids.
  • Fewer UTIs. Cleaning yourself thoroughly with a bidet may also reduce your risk of a urinary tract infection (UTIs), especially if you follow other UTI prevention strategies.
  • Less germ spread. Cleaning yourself more thoroughly and keeping your hands mostly out of it means you’re going to be less likely to spread germs.

Potential Extras

Some bidets are simple and inexpensive, while others offer more bells and whistles. If you’re willing to spend a bit more on an upgrade for your bidet, you might get access to features like:

  • Drying. Your device may come with a built-in feature for drying, so you don’t have to dab yourself with toilet paper after washing.
  • Heating. Your device may heat the water gently before spraying you with it, resulting in a much more pleasant experience. Bidets may also come bundled with a luxury toilet seat, including heating elements that keep it warm for you even in winter.
  • Music and sounds. If you want to get truly fancy, you can even find bidets that play sounds or music during your experience.

No matter how you look at it, installing a bidet in your bathroom could be a significant lifestyle upgrade. You’ll be cleaner, healthier, more comfortable, and happier once you get used to it – and soon, your entire family may start benefiting in the same ways.


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