How to Style and Personalize Your Student Locker 

July 1, 2022

As funny as this might sound, your locker is the only school property that you can make yours. So, adding that touch and personalizing it could make it more like you, making it more convenient and comfortable to use. To keep your locker personalized, you might want first to choose a theme, draw the layouts and be sure of the color if at all you’ll be needing an extra glow to make it more like yourself. 

Your locker is your personal space, and irrespective of whether it’s the school property, it remains your own to access, and only those allowed by you should be able to access it. It is a student locker, which means you get to personalize it to your taste. You don’t have to worry about someone else not okay with the decorations, theme, or the color you have chosen for your locker. It’s personal, yours, and only you can access it. Since you are not sharing it with anybody, you own the authority over the space. 

Here are, however, some ways you can style and personalize your student locker.

Choose a theme

In choosing a theme, you should ensure it’s based on your hobbies or your interests. So, if you are such that you love soccer or you are into animation, you might want to begin from there. You could get a poster of your favorite anime character or sportsman and have it in your locker. You also get to pick a suitable color for your locker when selecting a theme. Be sure to consider the correlation between the theme you’ve selected and the color for the locker. This will give your locker that aesthetically-balanced appearance. So, try not to use too many flashy colors; you can go for something more warm and cool since you don’t want much attention drawn to your locker whenever you open it. You can pick out a centerpiece for your locker to round off your decoration. However, consider your theme as it would help balance the locker’s appearance. 

Add as many accessories as possible

Another means of making your locker yours is by adding accessories. You can hang up photos of you, maybe when you were much younger, posters or artwork. Ensure you hang something that could always brighten your day at school after a stressful day. You can as well add photos of friends, at parties, or memories you’d like to keep fresh every day. If your school allows decals, you should add them as well. You’ll be surprised at how fast your locker in school could turn into your mini home. You shouldn’t forget fragrances and perfumes too. Instead of choosing a perfume or fragrance that doesn’t smell like you, you should add your fragrance to your locker. Anyone that walks past or leans on your locker can say without mincing words that the locker belongs to you. It promotes a sense of ownership, and yes! It should be spelled out on your student locker as well. You should add some fancy lights if it’s too dark in your locker. There’s no restriction on how creative you could get with your locker since you aren’t eating into the space of another. Feel free to hang the light to give extra sparkles. 

Organize all decorations and finishing touches

One way to organize your student locker is by adding shelves. Shelving will help categorize the locker into various spaces. So, irrespective of how small the locker space is, you can always categorize them to make them neat and organized. If you have any thrash from the decorations, you should dispose of them as soon as you are done. The shelving could be in two or three layers, depending on the space and what would be kept in the locker. If possible, add magnets to your locker (especially if it’s metallic-like standard student lockers) to make it easier to open, close, and move items. The entire space in the locker is available for your use, so ensure you use every space to mean something to you. Personalize the locker in such a way that it reminds you of who you are and what your goals are. Talking of goals, you can have those written and clipped to a section of your student locker to help you stay focused and motivated. Your locker is your mini space, and every detail should count. 


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