How to spruce up your office on a budget

June 5, 2021

Though we use office spaces for work, this doesn’t mean they can’t look great! If you’re looking for inspiration to improve your office space on a budget — you’re in the right place. We’re going to take a look at some simple ways you can spruce up your working environment without splashing out.

Create your own wall decor

There are many ways you can DIY wall decor without having to spend a penny. Why not get arty and paint your own inspirational quote? Or dig out some old artwork to hang on your office walls. If you have enough pieces, why not add a picture rail that will accommodate all your art and make swapping and changing pictures that much easier.

Improve your storage

Depending on your profession, your office may require multiple storage systems. If things are starting to look a bit cluttered, it’s probably time to tidy up and create additional storage. Clutter can cause us to feel disorganized and inadvertently impact our workflow. From shelving on the walls to upcycling an old chest of drawers, there are many ways you can limit how much you spend while improving storage.

Transform your desktop

Our desks are the most important areas of our offices but many people neglect how they arrange their desk space. Think about investing in some cheap pen pots, a pinboard, and a calendar to really make your environment fit to work in. If you’re looking to add a splash of color to space, your desk area can be a perfect place to do it. Paint the wall behind your desk a bright tone or even hang up some wallpaper to create a feature wall.

Invest in a good ergonomic chair

While you probably don’t want to spend heaps on a chair to work in, this is the one area you should definitely splash out on. A good ergonomic chair will keep your posture healthy and stop you from developing back pain so you can work comfortably. Never ever compromise on the type of chair you use!

Add some decorative touches

Home offices don’t need to bland; in fact, you should treat the space as you treat every other room. Add plenty of decors to keep you happy throughout your working day and make the atmosphere as inviting as possible. A few simple touches such as flowers, pictures, and lighting are guaranteed to do the trick.

Put a rug into the room

If you have hardwood flooring in your office room, you may feel like the space is cold to work in. A simple rug can transform your office space on a budget and make it feel far cozier to be in. Whether you want to add color or you’re looking to bring in some interesting textiles, a feature rug could be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Don’t forget the plants!

Plants are proven to improve our spaces and make us feel happier. If your office space is lacking greenery, it’s a good idea to add some. Find some cheap pots to house your plants and go wild! Hanging plants can also be a great way to add personality to a room while keeping them out of a pet’s reach. So, go ahead and add some plants to your space and improve your day-to-day working environment.

There are many ways you can create an office space to help you happily focus on work without spending lots of money. No matter the type of budget you have, there’s always room to improve a home office using simple but effective techniques.


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