How to Sell Your Real Estate Property in Northern California: Quick and Effective

September 20, 2022

If you live in California, your real estate may be the biggest financial asset you’ve got. Not only it’s the most expensive thing you have, but the house is also always something extremely sentimental. It holds pleasant memories about a certain life period and is a peak investment of your hard work. That being said, you should not rush when selling your house in California. Take care and time to make sure everything is done right. Compare typical prices in your region, hire a professional photographer to make an ideal advertisement, and last but not least, choose your agent from a list of real estate agents in California.

This manual will provide you with further recommendations on selling your real estate in California.

Step 1: Give an accurate price.

Hire a professional listing agent, preferably one that specializes in your district. For instance, look for top realtors in Los Angeles, CA, if you live in this city. Do not follow the recommendations of non-professionals, such as friends or relatives. Of course, they wish you the best, but that doesn’t mean they are capable of setting a competitive figure. This is a job for a listing agent who has been trained to do such an assignment and has some experience.

Step 2: Be flexible when showing your home to potential buyers.

You may need to leave your home on the market on the first weekend if you are not okay with intrusion in your personal space. Having to do this is unpleasant but remember what you are doing this for. The suchlike inconvenience will pay off.

Step 3: Try to host an open house.

Not every house can be an open house, but this is an excellent advertisement. Signs like “house for sale” will attract visitors, especially if you live in tourist areas or near major traffic. Ask your agent to help you with this task. There are many examples of potential buyers who were attracted exactly by open house showings.

Step 4: Don’t hesitate to stage your house.

Ask your agent about the ways of preparing your house for selling. One popular trick is removing half of the furniture because most houses show better after such renovations. Your task is to make a buyer wonder if anyone lives in the house. Thereby, staging your house to boost appeal is always a great idea.

Step 5: Ask your agent about what their standard real estate commission is.

If you find the proposed commission reasonable, proceed to evaluate the agent. Don’t rush to hire them. You will also have to consider other benefits of signing a contract with this exact agent. Check their record of performance to get a general picture of whom you will be working with.

You also need to recognize the fact that a full-time working agent is not here to give you a discount. He’s only here to make money.

Don’t overlook the fact that having the contract signed is just a beginning of a long, long way. You will have to make it together all the way to the selling of your house. So don’t be rude or distracting to your agent. That will not help them to perform their job. You’re the one most interested in them having their things done smoothly and as soon as possible.

Step 6: Respond to the buying offer immediately.

You absolutely need to reply to a purchase offer as soon as possible. Many of them have a day of expiry. On the other hand, don’t rush the deal. Many buyers feel extremely uncomfortable in this case. Such haste may also indicate that something is wrong with the property or the documents. Of course, no one wants to pay a fortune for a pig in a poke, so consider that.

Moreover, remember that you are going to be a buyer soon, too. The only reason why you are selling this home is that you want to buy a new one. So, you’re not so different from your potential purchaser.

Professional Photography Is the Best

It is one of the most important components of a successful transaction. Professional presentation of your house. It’s been scientifically proved in marketing research that homes with no photos in advertisements are almost always not getting sold. The ones to be sold quickest and for the biggest figures are the ones with professionally taken, pre-staged photos.

Prepare in Advance

Get ready to move out beforehand. For example, if you count on selling your house in May – the common month for house selling or purchase – assemble your plans in March. This is worth doing because if you prepare to move out in May, it may be impossible to move because this month is the busiest for the movers. So set up things in advance. This will allow you to pack up before putting your house up for sale.

Also, don’t forget that you will have to take time for other house-related preparations. As we stated before, you will need to stage your house – which includes removing half the stuff you have – taking professional photographs and letting your potential purchasers in.

That being said, don’t hesitate to prepare for sale months earlier. Preparation makes the best. If you are prepared, you won’t be stressed. That means that you will be in your sound mind, empowering you to make the best decisions for the best outcomes of your house-selling deal.

Last but Not Least Tip:

Selling your old house is a big transaction and a huge life change. That may feel dreadful, and your feelings about this life event are valid. But it is definitely not the end of the world. Listening to the recommendations of seasoned real estate agents and preparing in advance will save you time, money, and nerves. So be sure to do this.


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