How to Make Money Streaming Ways to go Live and Get Paid

July 2, 2021

Do you think about making money through streaming? Well, if you do, you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will mention ways in which you can make money by streaming but before that, let’s have a brief overview of what live-streaming is.

Live-streaming is basically broadcasting something that is occurring at the moment. Unlike pre-recorded and edited videos, live-streaming broadcasts real-time, original and uncropped performance, or gaming.

A unique feature of live-streaming is the option of initiating a live chat. This accessibility allows you to connect to your followers and engage them while streaming.

Now coming towards ways in which you can monetize your live videos. There is one important thing that you need to keep in your mind, that is, monetizing becomes much easier if you have a huge fan following. So, start streaming and gain authentic followers to become popular. You can also increase the number of followers on gaming sites like Twitch by availing of the Twitch growth service by Streamupgrade.

Ways to Monetize Your Live Videos

Once you have decided the niche you want to work on, you can start making the content and stream it online on various social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. There are a number of ways to monetize your live videos. You can either make money as a novice, a Twitch affiliate, or a Twitch partner. Let’s have a look at the options you will have in each case.

Making Money as a Novice

Making money as a novice may be challenging, but it is not as hard as it seems. With the increase in your audience, your potential to earn money also increases. The ways in which you can cash money as a novice are explained next.


What are the most common ways of making money streaming is to collect donations. Twitch users support their favorite streamers by donating money. You can add a donate option on your social media site and collect donations from your followers via third-party apps including Payoneer, PayPal, or Streamlabs.

Brand Partnerships

Doing partnerships with brands is also a very good way of earning money. Different brands and companies avail services of popular Twitch users and get their products streamed by them in front of a huge audience. This not only markets the products of these companies and brands but also gives Twitch users a chance to earn money through advertising.

You can get any kind of offer from the brands and companies. You might be asked to promote fizzy drinks, software, furniture, or anything else. The commission on these products also varies depending upon the quality of the product, the popularity of the company, pricing, and other factors.

Now the question arises which offers to avail and which to reject. Well, it is advised to stay within your niche. Offers that are related to your niche and are a source of a good sum of money, should be availed. However, if the offers are of a totally different nature than yours, consider apologizing for it and it might neither benefit you nor the company or the brand.

Once you select which offer to accept, act assertively and ask if you are having any queries. Moreover, focus on quality rather than quantity. It is good to advertise one brand on streaming in a good way, rather than advertising too many of them after compromising the quality.

Also, make sure to research the brand you are going to do promotion for. This is because you would never want to jeopardize your reputation. Promote the brand that you believe is worth mentioning and dare to say no to the ones that do not deserve to be uplifted, regardless of how much money they are paying you. This is because you are not earning money through this, but also playing a responsible role in sharing valuable products with your followers.


You can also make money by introducing and selling your own merchandise. This would be a successful move if you have a huge fan following. The type of merchandise you want to sell depends on you totally. You can sell T-shirts, laptop cases, mobile phone cases, baking instruments, or anything else you are interested in.

You can also promote your merchandise on other social media sites including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or third-party sites Te.ePublic, in addition to your Twitch account.

Making Money as a Twitch Affiliate

Making money as a Twitch affiliate is also a very good option. However, this option is only valid for streamers who meet the following criteria within 30 days:

  • 500 or more broadcasted minutes
  • 7 or more broadcaster days
  • 3 or more concurrent viewers on average
  • 50 or more followers

If you fulfill this criterion within 30 days of creating your account, you can avail the following options to earn money on this platform.


The addition of the number of subscribers on your channel can help you to unlock different features such as chat rooms, merchandise discounts, and much more. You can also avail of monthly subscription offers by Twitch, starting from $4.99. Each new subscription adds a specific amount to your wallet, depending upon the subscription package you have selected. The same case is with OnlyFans. However, there are best free OnlyFans accounts on the platform that do it all for marketing purposes and earn most of the money through donations and merchandise. It’s always best to mix and create a few earning channels.

Twitch Bits

Virtual cheers or ‘bits’ are some goods that can help you to encourage, appreciate, or get noticed by the streamers. It is available in different colors and sizes, depending upon the purpose of each of these bits. You can buy 100 bits for $1.40 and then the users can use these for their favorite streamers, who then receive 1 cent for every bit received.

Game Sales

Game sales can also help you to make money while streaming. While you are playing a game online, you can add a button, redirecting the audience to the store where they can buy this game from. Every time a person buys this game, you will receive a share of 5% from the original channel.

Making Money as a Twitch Partner

Last but not the least, you can make money as a Twitch partner. In order to become a Twitch partner, you do not have to get an invitation but apply yourself. Availing this opportunity gives the same benefits as you would get as an affiliate or a general user, in addition to the share of ad revenue from the page of partners. You may also get endorsement deals and brand sponsorships through this opportunity.

So these were a few worth mentioning ways in which you can make money while streaming online. Go to them deeply and select the way you would like to monetize your channel. Happy earning!


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