How to invest in DeFi

April 19, 2022

Many things go unnoticed in the digital currency system for the lack of information, and in this Bitqs, we should be updated about the ground deals more than anything. Defi and its rapidity of expansion intrigue all of us, and that lead to more investment in the chain. But, the general questions are unasked, and for that, many go through losses. The Decentralized chain of finance developed by Blockchain is our doorway to a better, safer, faster, and more transparent future, and to make the journey more worthwhile, we need to know the exact steps to follow for a seamless investment.


Knowing the network chain and the system is the priority here. Before the investment, running through every little detail, for instance, the blockchain network, the crypto-tokens, current market dynamics, transaction cost, and intermediate channels- is important. The research work can provide one with information from the past and the present, leading to the exact ratio of success, and that way, it can help them to choose the perfect environment. It is to know clearly that Defi does not work without policing, processing, and charging fees, and one should be well aware of these facts to avoid confusion.

Opening a Wallet 

This is the initial step you have to set your foot on. To participate in the Defi protocols, you need to open an account under the network system to store the cryptos that you have bought. There are many types of wallets suitable for one’s needs, and these help them to participate in their desired Defi protocols. For instance, if one wants to store their cryptos for future use in the vaults with tight security, they should go for the cold wallet. On the other hand, if one wants to participate in daily-to-daily operations, they should just open a hot wallet.

Buying Tokens

It’s as easy as the TradFi system, where you need to register some cash to participate in stock investment. Here, you have to buy cryptocurrencies to participate in Defi operations. Each blockchain network offers different tokens, and the investor needs to buy the specific ones. For starters, these are the only units that allow you to make an exchange. It is right that you can use other valuables as assets, but firstly, crypto tokens are needed. Even these are network-specific and also mined under a specific system, and can be used to make purchases or exchange in other network systems where it converts to the other currency based on the worth.

Diving into the Operations

Now, each Defi chain offers quite similar operations, though the rules can vary from one to another. Lending, trading, staking, and participating in the liquidity pools- all take place in each of the Defi ecosystems. Engagement is the key material here for each of the operations, and perfect participation can help you to bag better deals for the future and increase your shares to be a part of bigger schemes. But, before taking part in an operation, one should be sure that the whole protocol aligns with their interest and that they are well-associated with the general facts.


One never should invest and sit back for the rest of the time. It may seem like the procedure completes here, but to complete it perfectly, one needs to track their progress now and then. In a Defi protocol, your participation speaks for how much can be gained, and that starts with the tracking. Now, firstly here, one needs to find the perfect finance tracker system to systematically align their tasks, and this also needs an account. After that, you can add the financial accounts and go through the details anytime. For the record-keeping system to be very precise, you can add assets and search their real-time value. This can help in making good trade opportunities, and the monitoring can help you grow ideas. Also, for ongoing trades, you will get records for every instance to help you determine how much you can expect for profits.

Every blockchain network has specializations and they hold a reputation on a slightly higher note for one or two operations. For instance, for trading, Bitcoin is great, but for lending, one should lean more towards the BSC. If the functionalities are quite finely circulated, these systems can be more reliable, and in no time, decentralization will be able to give us a finer way to do business.


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