How to increase your productivity: popular techniques for students

July 27

For most high school graduates, choosing a major at university is not an easy task. Only a few of those who are unsure of which field of study is right for them to decide to enroll after a year. But the majority of high school graduates choose the profession that was recommended to them by their relatives or friends. As a result, for most students, studying at university is not an exciting pastime, but a heavy burden. Many struggles to attend lectures and seminars, and only rarely complete their homework. But by the end of the semester, students realize that they need to become more productive to close the session and avoid retakes. You can find the most effective techniques in this article.

Why don’t different techniques help you become more productive?

Most students before exams in the pursuit of productivity start looking for new techniques to make the learning process more effective. But just a few weeks or even days after their implementation they realize that these methods, on the contrary, harm the work of the brain. There are several reasons why methods of increasing productivity do not work. The most significant of them include:

  • The choice of a particular method. Most are convinced that introducing a technique into the learning process allows you to increase brain productivity. But such an opinion is wrong. What matters in the first place is not the method, but the person’s attitude towards the problem. It’s worth choosing not popular methods, but those that are appropriate for the individual, based on his or her characteristics.
  • Implementation of several techniques at the same time. Even people with great willpower find it hard to get rid of ingrained habits that entered their lives many years ago. Therefore, introducing a large number of changes to the learning process can, on the contrary, harm productivity. To avoid such problems, it is better to introduce new habits not immediately, but gradually. Those who choose a moderate pace achieve great results.
  • Incorrect understanding of the work of the brain. Most of the techniques to improve productivity is based on the fact that the brain functions linearly, but in fact, it is not. Great results can be achieved by working for a shorter period. That being said, it is rest that allows you to get great results.

 Effective ways to increase productivity

Today, it is becoming more popular for students to make to-do lists for their studies. But they do not always allow for success. Often, when putting too many things on such a list, a person overloads himself, which has a detrimental effect on the work of the brain. To avoid such a situation, you should heed the advice given below. If you have too much to do, don’t hesitate to delegate some of your tasks, For example, use the help of essay writing service.

Things that can be abandoned

Before you start compiling a list of tasks, you should understand which tasks are really important and which can be abandoned. To determine this, it’s worth properly prioritizing your life. In this case, it is important to remember that there are only 24 hours in a day, and it is impossible to remain productive if you don’t take time to rest.

If even after that the list of tasks remains impressive, it is necessary to consider whether it is possible to reduce the time for some tasks.

 Watching your time

Also, staying productive for an extended time will not work if you don’t watch your own time.

There are several ways to do this effectively:

  1. Smartphone apps;
  2. Cloud storage;
  3. Notebooks.

For time management to be effective, it is recommended that you write down how much time is spent on each of the tasks on your task list.

The best solution here is to use Jim Collins’ methodology, which he called “Stop Doing List.” The essence of this method is simple. It is required to imagine that tomorrow the phone will receive two calls. The first call will tell you that a man has won $20 million. The second will announce the news that he has 10 years to live. As a result, it is necessary to understand what in such a situation is worth giving up, and what can be reduced.

This methodology is not perfect, but it will solve the main problem – to clear time from unnecessary activities, rather than burdening it with new things to do.

Strength in simplicity

By clearing the day of unnecessary activities, you can almost immediately notice positive changes. Because the brain is not so busy, productivity increases several times.

In many ways, it resembles a general cleaning. After all, after clearing the space of unnecessary things, it immediately becomes easier to breathe.

Concentration on a specific task

If a student needs to solve one important goal, for example, to write a term paper in a short period, an excellent solution to such a situation is to get rid of unnecessary tasks.

Of course, to solve one particular task you need to have a lot of willpower. But if you regularly devote time to it, you will be able to bring the process to automatism.

Using a single technique

As mentioned earlier, the use of several techniques at once, aimed at increasing the productivity of the brain, can on the contrary negatively affect the learning process. Therefore, it is better to choose one that suits you to a greater extent and stick to it.

After two months, it will be clear how effective this methodology is. If it did not bear fruit, it should be replaced by another.

But do not expect that the methodology will work if you do not stick to it constantly. To see results, you need to be serious about following all the instructions.

The result is impossible without self-love

When choosing a technique for productivity, one should adequately assess one’s abilities. It is necessary to understand whether it will be possible to follow all of the instructions without harm to one’s physical and emotional state. Otherwise, the implementation of the technique will be a waste of time.

In order not to burden your brain too much, but at the same time to remain productive, it is necessary to remember about rest. Its absence becomes the cause of irritability, a decrease in the level of concentration. If during studies the student feels that he gets hard and asking questions like ‘God, could someone do my finance homework, please?’. Well, it is better to listen to the needs of his body and take a break. At this time you can watch a movie or take a walk in the fresh air.


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