How to Improve Your Work-Life Balance in Poland

April 12, 2021

Every Polish citizen is always looking for a stable source of income that will enable them to pay their bills and lead a comfortable life. Finding some work to do, whether self-employed or employed in an organization, is an ideal step to achieving that good life.

However, one question that every person keeps asking is how much time should they dedicate to work and social life. Most working individuals rarely think about their work-life balance. They primarily get concerned with their income and growth in the job at the expense of the life balance.

That’s why we linked with our expert Jacek Michalski (view profile) to enlighten you about achieving work-life balance.

What does work-life balance mean?

The demands of work and personal life will never be the same. The demands of work are mostly professional and are deadline-based while those of life are endless but are achievable in bits. As such, one has to create an equilibrium between the two to achieve the desired healthy work-life balance. Therefore, it refers to a state of equilibrium where an individual treats the demands of work and those of life as priorities.

Here is what causes an imbalance in work-life

Working longer hours

The majority of the workers have fixed working schedules. However, that never gives them time to pay attention to their life priorities. At times they have to extend their working hours to achieve what is needed at work. As a result, such people are left with little time for themselves.

Increased responsibilities at work

When one gets promoted, the responsibilities dedicated to them also increase. They have to dedicate much time to them to achieve the desired milestones after a given period. At times the workflow may also increase making the workers stay longer in the workplace than at their homes and other places.

Increased responsibilities at home

Since work-life balance is two-way traffic, responsibilities at home are also forces behind an imbalance in work and personal life. When one gets more children at home, their attention gets diverted to them more than work. Besides, having more chores at home makes many citizens fail to balance their work lives.

How to strike a balance between work and life?

Turn your hobby into a career

The majority of the Polish citizens are after getting work that will give them a good income but not that which they will be happy about. They find themselves entangled in what they don’t love.

They spend the better part of their day and life doing what they hate. To balance your work life, you have to go against the expectations of society –get a good job with good pay. Instead, find something that you will not dread getting out of bed every morning.

Try gaming at online casinos

It’s a trend that many people are changing their hobbies into careers. There are many Polish citizens who are currently gambling full-time for their happiness and time. However, there are thousands of sites out there which makes it hard to make informed decisions. The good news is that kasyno online reviews such sites to aid in decision making.

Take a vacation

Many people work to the extent of forgetting about holidays. The reality is that vacations are beneficial both psychologically and physically. It gives the body the rest it desires. It helps to rejuvenate the mind and enhances productivity.

Focusing on one thing throughout the year will make you feel bored about it. However, taking breaks once in a while will help you to refocus and become even better. The majority of the employees are always worried that when they take a break they will be met by a heavy workload when they come back. That makes them ignore such offers and opt to stay put at work.

Set boundaries and work hours

The majority of Polish citizens, especially those working from home, have got undefined working hours. They are ever available to answer the office mails and attend to clients’ needs. Even if it is good for the company, it’s not ideal for them because it makes them concentrate on work at the expense of their families and social life.

If you are one of them, consider having a separate laptop for work and for your personal things. That way, you will know how to strike a balance between the two (work and life).

From the above, it’s evident that striking a balance between work and life isn’t as complicated as many people will think.


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