How to Get a New Google Voice Number

November 2, 2023

Google Voice lets you make and receive free local and international calls and countless text messages. It is priced reasonably. However, since this beautiful service is limited to users in the United States, not everyone can take advantage of it.

This is because using Google Voice is limited according to the user’s location. That said, we’ll walk you through using Google Voice Number from anywhere globally. So, let us begin without further ado.

How to Get a New Google Voice Number

Google Voice gives a phone number for messages, voicemails, and phone calls. To acquire a new Google Voice number, you must have an active Google account.

This account will be used for Google Voice to log in, in addition to other Google services and apps. Once you have a Google account, you may follow these steps to get a Google Voice number outside the US:

Google Account – Signup/Sign In

To begin, go to the Google Voice website or app. Log in if you already have a Google account. If not, follow the easy procedures to create a new account.

Select a New Phone Number

After signing in, you will have the option to choose a new phone number. Using Google Voice, you may select a number based on its area code or region. Choose a number that meets your needs and preferences by taking your time.

Verify Your Current Phone Number

You’ll be asked to confirm your current phone number after choosing your preferred number. Making sure that calls and messages delivered to your Google Voice number may be directed to your phone is why this step is so important.

Check Out Google Voice’s Features

Your Google Voice number has changed. Examine every function and choice that becomes accessible with time. Go to the options for text messaging and voicemail transcription, set up call forwarding, and personalize your voicemail greeting.

After completing these steps, you will have a new Google Voice number that you may use for calls, texts, and voicemails.

It is crucial to remember that obtaining a new number necessitates registering for Google Voice if you still need an account. If you still prefer to use your phone number, move it to Google Voice for USD 20.

How Do I Create a Google Voice Account Outside the United States

Now, you may think that the setup procedure would be complicated with this fantastic feature, but it’s pretty simple. The process is really simple. In only a few minutes, Google Voice may be easily set up.

How Do You Use Your Google Phone Number?

A Google Phone number is a valuable telecom service provided by Google that allows you to make and receive calls, text messages, and check voicemail.

To sign up for a Google phone number, you must first create a Google Voice account. You may then select a number based on its location, specific numbers, and area code.

Benefits of Using a Google Voice Number

You already have a basic understanding of the Google Voice service’s functions because of what we have explained to you. However, to help you understand Google Voice and its capabilities better, here is a list of various benefits that include:

  • Google voice number allows you to make free Wi-Fi calls using Hangouts.
  • Even without the Google Voice app, you can make international calls.
  • From anywhere in the world, you can send an infinite SMS and messages.

Are Google numbers free?

One of the finest advantages of Google Voice is its inexpensiveness. Signing up for it is free, and communication between your Google Voice number and other U.S. numbers(making calls and sending text messages) is all free.

Can I get a free us number with Google Voice Android?

You may use Google Voice to make free calls and send text messages throughout the United States and Canada if your device is connected to the internet.

That being stated, you must already have a phone number from a landline or mobile carrier. Google has a list of pricing for international calls made via Google Voice.

Can I use Google Phone Number for a Business?

Yes, businesses may set up a phone number on Google My Business for clients to call. Companies may register a listing on Google My Business, which gives them access to critical information like their location, phone number, website, and operation hours.

How many Google Voice numbers can I have?

The total number of Google Voice numbers that you can have depends on your membership package. The basic Starter package for companies is $10 and may include up to 10 domestic phone numbers.

The higher-tiered subscriptions, Standard and Premier, cost $20 and $30 per user monthly, respectively, and include limitless virtual lines.

Wrapping it up

It’s easy to get a new Google Voice number, which can improve your communication. Google Voice offers flexibility and convenience with call, message, and voicemail management all in one location. So, what are you waiting for to pick up your new phone number right now?

Remember that professionals, company owners, and those who wish to keep personal and professional conversations separate may all benefit from having a Google Voice number. Take advantage of Google Voice and get a new phone number!


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