How to Employ the Best Web Developers in Victoria, Australia

If you’re into IT or you’re planning to open a new business and need a brand new website or some sort of software, you’ll probably have to hire a web developer. How do you know if that person is any good? You don’t want to be spending a lot of time and money only to be presented with a development plan or technologies that don’t fit your needs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a web developer to build a website or software in the state of Victoria, Australia.

Check their educational credentials

Whether you post an ad or go on a job board, you should ask the candidates for a CV and read through it thoroughly. Make sure they have a degree from a reputable university and you should check the institution’s database to see if they graduated. Some people say that they went to the university, but fail to mention they dropped out after one year or so. The university should be reputed for its technical skills in its IT educational programs.

If they mention previous employers, try contacting them and ask for their opinion on the web developer you’re considering hiring.

Ask for a background check

Hiring a web developer is going to cost you a lot of money and you’ll be working with that person for many months. They might get hold of your personal information, confidential data and whatnot. You need to make certain it’s a reliable individual and the best way to do that is to have them submit to a quick background check. Nowadays, businesses in the state of Victoria use background checks like a national police check Victoria when they hire people for less important jobs than a web developer who will be in charge of a large and costly project.

You can easily run a background check on someone by using the services of an online agency. These bodies are fully accredited with the government and their police checks are 100% valid. Ordering a background check only takes a few minutes and you’ll get that person’s full criminal history, if they have one, in a couple of business days.

Look at their portfolio and the technologies they are used to 

A web developer with a few years of experience must have some plans and software designs to show for it.

Some web developers will have some images on their website, preferably presenting the project at various stages of its development. Check out if the web developer has worked on projects similar to the one you have in mind.

Another thing, it might be wise to check with the owner of a website illustrated just to be sure it’s the work of that web developer. Passing the work of a fellow web developer for your own is not unheard of in this line of business.

Developers use various technologies (front end and back end). Understanding the requirements of your own project and then aligning it with the skills of the developer is essential for a good hire. For example, if your site requires .net and the developer has no idea how to use the .net framework, there is no use in offering a position.

Talk to the guy and assess their personality

You’ll be working closely with that person for quite a while so you need to make sure it’s someone you’re comfortable with. See if they’re open to suggestions and have the patience to answer all your questions. Since you’re paying, they’d better have patience.

Listen to the web developer’s suggestions, they’re most valuable but beware of people that are too pushy and want to impose their views on your project.


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