How to earn gold in World of Warcraft Classic

October 25, 2022

The long-gone updates of Lich King in the World of Warcraft have become the most popular in the entire game series and the life of the project and moving away from the origins in favor of new content; Blizzard could not help but pay attention to the interest of the players.

The restart received the Classic prefix and combined all the most popular updates of past years, taking into account all the mistakes made later.

Newcomers entering a new game world can experience hardcore content that is different from the original version, and old players can relive the thrill of playing on familiar servers and updates.

Gold can be earned in various ways, including buying wow classic gold from trusted suppliers.

Let’s discuss in-game mining options first:

  1. Farm and quests
  2. Professions
  3. Raids and dungeons

Farm and quests

The whole essence of World of Warcraft Classic comes down to the factional confrontation between the horde and the alliance and the quest system of character development.

Starting from the first minutes of the game, You must choose the race and class – the choice will depend on which part of Azeroth you will appear in. The character goes to his first task, and gradually, from quest to quest, he will learn the game world, get gold, equipment and weapons, and useful consumables.

The quest system is underestimated by many – stating that it removes variability from the game. In fact, such a system allows game developers to smoothly and without unnecessary information gradually explain to the player the main mechanics of the game, teach the character’s abilities, teach how to earn gold and use it, and most importantly, help earn new equipment and weapons, as well as tell the history of the continents.

The main advantage of the quest system is that they can be taken in almost unlimited quantities, and the player must combine and take all the tasks that relate to the next hunting zone that he is going to go to.

Often this leads to the complete extermination of all monsters in the specified location but also brings the maximum amount of gold, resources, and experience in a short period of time. And given the hardcore nature of World of Warcraft Classic, you need to literally squeeze the maximum out of each task and monster.


Given the hardcore nature of World of Warcraft Classic and the difficulty in extracting gold and resources, many players have returned to leveling up professions, although, in the main version, many no longer pay attention to them and strive to complete raids.

In the classic version, professions can help you earn a lot of gold by producing goods or by trading consumables. You can only take two professions, so be careful.

The best combinations of professions:

  1. Collecting herbs and alchemy – collecting herbs makes it possible to collect herbs and plants, which are very numerous in all locations of WoW Classic. When hunting monsters, you can spend a few seconds collecting and continuing your farm. In the future, the collected herbs can be sold to other players, or upgrade your alchemy to produce offensive and defensive potions that are needed in raids and are in demand in PVP.
  2. Mining and blacksmithing – the player will need a pickaxe to process rocks, which are quite numerous throughout the World of Warcraft continent. The collected ore can be smelted into ingots and sold on the marketplace or used to upgrade the blacksmithing skill.

Blacksmithing is one of the most profitable professions as it covers many classes in terms of armor and weapons that can be crafted for other players and for yourself. The blacksmith creates everything that can be made from steel and metals, which is what we need to earn gold, and given the complexity of extracting materials, you can set higher prices for your products.

  1. Skinning and leather processing – You will need a carving knife, which is purchased from a special NPC; after killing animals, you can skin them and process it into leather, which in turn can be sold or used to produce light armor. The light type of armor is in demand among the attacking classes, and you will not have problems with its implementation.
  2. Tailoring and Jewelcrafting – Tailoring allows you to create cloth armor for magic classes but does not require an additional profession to create consumables – everything you need to get from monsters, but the second profession can be jewelry, which is the most difficult and expensive in WoW but also the most profitable. The Jeweler creates costume jewelry with amplifying characteristics and magical orbs, weapons used by battle mages.
  3. Fishing and cooking are original and optional professions that are available to all characters and do not occupy a working slot. Buy a fishing rod from the NPC and go fishing – the catch can be sold to other players or used in cooking.

Cooking allows you to create dishes that will increase the characteristics of the characters for a limited period of time. The higher the skill of the cook, the stronger the effect and the longer the duration of the boost.


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