How to defend accounts from unwelcome subscribers?

December 2, 2021

Many people believe that Instagram is an ideal place for posting photographs, videos and making posts regarding their lives. They also consider this social network as one of the best places to start businesses and promote them. However, every user instantly meets subscribers which may decrease the popularity of accounts: spambots, inactive “friends”, fake accounts of celebrities. Thus, when Instagram’s Artificial Intelligence sees all unwelcome subscribers, it lowers the coverage of new users and a system of recommendations.

There is a myth in all social networks thanks to the internet, that if the person has more subscribers, then he is very popular. In reality of Instagram, this means that the owner of the account receives fewer chances to gain a new audience, especially in the case when half of the users in a friend’s list are inactive or just “artificial”.

We consider by “artificial” users those accounts that were created with purposes to automatically advertise their own products in the commentary section of our profile. From time to time, we may clean these fake users. Nonetheless, it is a time-consuming process.

Types of threats

The threat is coming not only from specially created programs that may spam under our posts. It is also coming from people who can try to decrease our popularity due to their own reasons: jealousy and wish to “parasite” on our own audience. Along with that, we may find in our friend lists abandoned profiles of people. These profiles can also become the reason for the low coverage of our account.

Algorithms of Instagram are working in the way which analyses the activity each user has: how many likes, commentaries, and re-posts were made from the moment our post was published. The social network also analyses the exclusiveness of commentaries under our posts. Saying it differently, if in the comments section there are three comments with messages like “Love the post!” which were left three times in a row — this will look suspicious and catch the attention of the system.

In searching for solutions

When the internet was created, nobody could imagine that people would advertise their own websites or products via artificial automatic programs or just “bots”. We suppose that today everyone is receiving spam messages on their emails with authentic, sometimes unique, and even terrifying context. We also know that the process of cleaning all this information may be tedious, and, as we mentioned above — time-consuming.

Hopefully, most of the email systems like “googlemail” or “protonmail” have their own algorithms of marking emails we are receiving each day as “unnecessary”. In other words, some of the new messages may be put in the so-called “spam folder”. These automatic processes save our precious time.

Deletion of a couple of users is one thing. But deleting one hundred, especially in the case of a big audience we might have — is completely another side of the argument. Not all people have so much time to spend on cleaning.

The main question is: what to do with the inactive audience that is subscribed on our Business/Personal and Author profiles? We need our personal anti-viruses. We need our own systems of artificial intelligence — our personal “Skynet’s” — which may help us on our way to gaining back the popularity we could lose formerly. Something that will automatically scan our accounts and take all necessary measures, closing gates for unwanted “visitors”.

The concept of stronghold

We all know the words “my home is my castle”. The situation with our personal accounts is almost the same: “my account is my fortress”. What do we need to defend our castle? First of all, an army which may save us from almost everything. Second of all, strong walls.

Here we come to the concept of the stronghold which is represented in a form of the services we offer. We have the ability not only to defend the profile but also to find its weaker spots in the defense and close them.

Fortunately or unfortunately, speed is the main factor why our defense system needs time in order to clean the account. Otherwise, it would be marked by Instagram as “suspicious activity was spotted” and then banned forever. That is why the threat is coming not only from users but also from the social network terms and conditions of which we accepted.


In our article, we mentioned various types of threats, which may become the reason for the decrease in the reputation of our account. Moreover, we defined different threats and understood that we need to create a good defense against unwelcome guests such as artificial users, bots, and other parasites. Otherwise, all the effort and time put into our profiles previously may become useless in the end. This is the worst scenario we should avoid.

Therefore, our Spamguard service will slowly but effectively find all necessary resources to achieve the best results and defend profiles from different users. The castle will be transformed into a strong citadel with our help.


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