How to Create PDF On Your iPhone or iPad

September 21, 2022

PDF files are commonly used to manage academic, office, and personal work in a structured way. You can add text, images, graphs, and draw tables to elaborate your work in PDF files. Moreover, you can share and print PDFs easily at a fast processing speed without any restriction. Due to the small file size of PDF files, you can also download them without increasing your system’s space.

This article will discuss the Wondershare PDFelement that you can easily install on your iOS devices. With its multiple advanced functions, you can create and edit PDF files flawlessly on your iPhone or iPad.

Introduction of PDFelement for iOS

Wondershare PDFelement is a famous tool that is supported by mainstream platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. This article will highlight the newly released version of PDFelement on iOS with new updates and the latest features. In this new version of PDFelement for iOS, you can utilize enhanced features like auto-saving, batch scanning, PDF optimizer, etc.

You can use PDFelement to conduct file conversion in various file formats smoothly. Moreover, you can merge and compress PDF files without quality loss through this platform. To tackle important or private PDF files, you can protect the document by setting a password through PDFelement. This free PDF editor will let you keep your confidential data safe and private.

The user interface has also been improved to facilitate beginners and non-technical users. Thus, you can enhance and modify PDF files on your iOS devices in a safe and reliable ecosystem.

How to Create PDFs With PDFelement iOS

Do you want to create PDFs on your iPhone effortlessly? This section will provide you with valuable tips to create PDFs through PDFelement in a simple manner.

1. Scanning to PDF

PDFelement enables you to scan PDF files in high quality. You can try the scanning process on multiple-page documents and can turn them into a single PDF document. For this, you can select its Multi-Page mode from the given options. Once done with scanning, you can eradicate the unnecessary parts from the captured image through cropping. Moreover, you can add new filters to enhance the visual quality of the document.

This PDF editor app also allows you to rotate the document after scanning it in your preferred way. Hence, it’s a great feature to easily turn scanned images into PDF files.

2. Convert to PDF

PDFelement allows the user to create PDF files from 11 different formats. It is very beneficial for any businessman or student because they can create a properly formatted PDF file without accessing their laptop or PC. Through its converting feature, you can convert Word, Excel, PPT, PNG, Pages, Text, TIFF, GIF, etc., into PDF files. With its high conversion speed, you can receive instant results without quality loss.

3. Create Blank PDF File

If you want to create a PDF file for professional or academic use, you can create a blank PDF file through this PDF editor app. It provides you with three different options in Blank PDF such as Blank Page, Lined Page, or Grid Page. You can even select the page size, orientation, and number of pages you want to create. After creating a blank PDF file, you can add text by choosing its font, color, size, and alignment. Furthermore, you can add images to your PDF file for visual illustration smoothly.

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Other Features of PDFelement for iOS

Wondershare PDFelement comprises other advanced features that you can utilize to increase your work speed and productivity. To learn more about this free PDF editor, read the below-listed key features:

1. Sync PDFs with Cloud Service

If you are facing storage issues on your iOS devices and are unable to save PDF files, PDFelement offers you a safe option. With this platform, you can sync PDFs with cloud services such as Wondershare Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and iCloud Drive. By utilizing the syncing option with cloud storage platforms, you can save storage space on your iPhone. Also, it will keep your PDF files safe and private without the risk of unauthorized access.

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2. Crop PDF File

To erase unwanted objects and areas from your PDF files, you can use the crop feature of this PDF editor app. Through this exceptional feature, you can set the aspect ratio of your PDF document according to your need. Moreover, you can adjust the arrows from your fingers to crop the file precisely.

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3. Organizing PDF Pages

Organizing PDF pages, especially in a lengthy file, can be a touchy job. Wondershare PDFelement allows you to organize multiple PDF pages in the preferred order. You can add, extract, and delete PDF pages with a single tap. Moreover, you can copy and share the selected PDF page through this organizing feature smoothly.

4. Annotate PDF File

Students, teachers, or professionals can annotate their PDF files easily through Wondershare PDFelement. To highlight complex definitions, scientific formulae, or any other important content, the annotating feature can prove to be your assistant. You can underline, strike out, and highlight the text accurately on your iOS device. Furthermore, you can use the marker tool to draw any illustrations that can help you comprehend the text.

Along with that, you can add text boxes to explain the content without making it cluttered. Thus, with annotating feature, you can learn and revise the important content in your PDF files smoothly.


5. Merge PDFs and Images

If you have multiple PDF files that are hard to open and edit, you can merge them using PDFelement. This feature enables you to merge multiple PDF files into a single document with a few clicks. Along with PDF files, you can also merge images flawlessly in their original quality. You can even merge PDF files and images through this free PDF editor.


The new iOS version of Wondershare PDFelement can assist you in managing and editing your daily PDF files. This tool can be easily downloaded on your iPhone or iPad without taking excessive storage. The new upgrades in the user interface can help you in operating the tool without any interruption. Furthermore, the batch processing feature allows you to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, which can maximize your productivity to a great extent.


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