How to Choose a Homepage Design Style That Fits Your Business

July 31, 2021

Due to the fact that the world is almost completely online, and the competition in the virtual world is increasing more and more, you are most likely faced with the task of creating, redesigning or updating your website. Imagine if it were a real store or office, the first thing the visitor pays attention to is the entrance, in the case of an Internet resource, this is the main page. Every developer wants the main page to look attractive and aesthetically pleasing, for this, you should turn to the most important aspects of design thought.

4 Design Decision to Create a Website Homepage

Your potential client is taken to the home page of the site. You have no more than 10 seconds to delay it and make it surf the pages further. How to do it? Having looked at the main page, the average statistical visitor of the site will trust the impression of the design, interface, style. So how to arrange the main page of the site correctly and get a tool for realizing your goals? Here are 4 design decisions to help you create a good homepage design.

User perception

What is good design? This question is quite subjective. The main thing to remember is that by creating a web resource you are making it not for yourself, but primarily for your users. Therefore, the first place should always be the convenience of the interface and ease of use. Of course, in order for the user experience of the site to be the best, design elements must be used.

Has it ever happened to you that when entering the site you could get lost in the number of buttons, links, and various text? First of all, when developing a site, you need to remember about user perception. Design elements in the structure of a web resource, such as the style of the navigation menu, layout, text styles, and much more, will help to attract and retain the user’s attention.

Comfort in color

A great way to lure and make users stay on your website is to use eye-friendly color schemes. Of course, it is worth starting from the style of the site, but do not forget that pastel or neutral colors will relax visitors, and bright ones can attract more attention. The main thing is not to overdo it, use one color palette so that there is no oversaturation.

You can use colors that, according to tradition, every year the Pantone Color Institute declares the main colors. For example, in 2021, these colors were gray and yellow. Using the main colors in the design will show the user that the website is keeping up with the times.

Emotional design

From what your emotional message will be, so will the visual mood of the user. By styling the interface, you can convey a certain atmosphere. 83% of human decisions are based on visual information. The visual image is what is more likely to be remembered and will be trusted.

Thus, your users should be encouraged with various design buns that will make a positive impression and will definitely be remembered. For example, use non-trivial Website templates that are stylish and effective. Thematic, high-quality, and attractive Illustrations support the general idea and concept of the page, make the design brighter and help the visitor understand what exactly is being offered. A memorable Logo Templates is the key to the company’s success; it should look impressive and attract attention on the site.

Do not be afraid to fill the site with design elements, because triviality has long been out of fashion. Master Bundles can help you in filling the site.

Text content

Competently and to the point – much more interesting than general phrases, because even Aristotle said: “People are pleased with the words that give knowledge.” But even if you place a little text on the home page, it may still not attract the attention of visitors. The text should be special, and so a variety of fonts can make it.

It’s worth starting with the title of the page. An effective headline is a bait. Alluring and tenacious, it catches the user’s attention, prompting them to stop and learn a little more. Carefully choose a font that will make you cling to it, and then follow a certain font style for the entire page so that there is no congestion.

In the end

If you are a good website developer, connect design ideas to your work, and goodies that will give your website freshness, emotionality, modernity, and attractiveness to users. Even if you are not very good at design, resources such as Master Bundles will help you with this, because they have collected all the best design buns for free or at an affordable price.


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