How to buy a new house without leaving your home?

August 27, 2021

The global pandemic has really changed how we do things. Some of these changes are mild, while others can be called radical. This includes the way we shop for things, and when we say ‘things’, we also mean houses.

So how does one buy a new house without even leaving the comfort and safety of home? The answer is AI.

Artificial Intelligence or AI has made its way into many industries and the real estate market is no exception. AI mortgage is now and happening thing and can help you shop for that dream home of yours.

AI-powered start

Back in the day if you wanted to buy a house, you’d have to look up a realtor, gauge your budget, go and look at some houses, and then hopefully get to buy the house of your dreams.  With AI, it helps you do that but with more.

Because of the advances in technology and the integration of the different kinds of technology into a variety of applications, AI-backed mortgage advisors can take your financial information and compare it to current market trends. By doing so, you are now presented with a roadmap that can lead you to homeownership without you going bankrupt.

Since AI tracks important data in real-time, you are always up to date. Together with that data, it can also help determine if you would need a loan in order to buy a house and how much you can borrow. It also tells you if you can afford a house right then and there without having to take out a loan or if you need to reconsider your choices in a home that you wish to purchase.

All this information will be readily available to you via an app or via email in the safety and comfort of your home.

Online listings

Looking at online listings of apartments for rent in Washington is a popular way to go house hunting. There are lots of online platforms to visit but always have a sharp eye for things as pictures online don’t always show the whole story.

Look for listings that show the entire space (floor to ceiling shots or shots of the whole room)  and not just close-up shots of an area (yes that’s a great desk but we want to see the room that houses the desk). And be wary of listings that show closed windows or drawn curtains or blinds – you wouldn’t be able to tell how much natural light the room will be getting. Ask the agent if they can post or send photos with windows open throughout different times of the day so you know how much light you’ll be getting as well as being able to get an idea of the views.

Drone photos are also great as it gives you a picture of what your future neighborhood is like. Are you near a bus stop? Are there any great trails? Who and what else is in the neighborhood? You get the picture.

Go virtual

Experienced and savvy real estate agents will offer you virtual house tours. Virtual house tours give you the traditional house hunting experience without having to leave your couch.

To make the most out of virtual tours, you have to tap into the agent’s knowledge and expertise. Ask questions like “How old is the house?”, “Have there been any major repairs done to the house?”,  “What kind of neighbor is the house in?”, and so on.

As virtual tours happen in real-time, also ask your agent about the following:

  • Light – check how much natural light the house gets.
  • Noise – can you hear street traffic or kids playing outside? Can you hear the neighbors?
  • Smells – are there any unpleasant smells coming from in or outside the house?  Can you smell the neighbor’s cooking?

You can also ask your agent about the finer details such as water pressure by asking him or her to turn on the taps and flush the toilets in the bathrooms and kitchen or walk back and forth or lightly jump on the floors to see if it creaks.  Another trick to see if the floors are level – have your agent roll a bottle, ball, or a coin down the floor.

While you can see and hear things in real-time, your agent acts as your second pair of eyes and ears so it’s crucial you get to ask the right questions in order to help you decide on the house you want to buy. If you are a real estate investor and therefore rarely use a real estate agent then you might be wondering how you can create a more virtual experience. One way to do this as a rental property owner is to source all of your paperwork online. For example, you can get all of your rental agreement forms from here Sourcing your landlord rental agreement paperwork online and having your tenants sign them over a platform like DocuSign completely reduces the risk of transmitting illnesses to one another.

Get an inspector

Buying any property sight unseen can be scary. But what’s scarier are the things that are not normally seen even in traditional house tours – the stuff that happens behind the walls and under the floors. To put your mind at ease, hire a reliable inspector.

Together with your agent, the home inspector will help you decide on which house to buy. The home inspector will conduct a home inspection which will provide you with an overall picture of the property’s structural and mechanical issues. The results of the inspection can also help you proceed on how you would want to close. If the house has any issues and is in need of dire repairs, you can use it to negotiate the price or can choose to simply back away (as long as it is allowed in the contract). A home inspection is a must, especially for older properties and properties that experience extreme weather as you would also want to make sure that everything is also up to code.

To get started with this process, your real estate agent can refer you to one (they usually work with one already) but make sure to also do your own homework before picking an inspector. Depending on the area, a home inspection generally needs to get done in 10-14 days after signing a purchase agreement. The buyer usually shoulders the inspection fees and could run for a few hundred dollars.

We hope that your house hunt goes smoothly with the help of these tips. Happy house hunting!


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