How Technology Has Made Team Sports Evolve

January 29

Technology has had a huge impact on our lives, and that will continue to be a trend in the future. The evolution of tech has meant that how we travel and communicate has changed, while other hobbies such as sport have also been impacted.

Some of the world’s biggest sports have developed with the introduction of technology, which has often created no shortage of talking points. But, how is tech being used in some of the most beloved sports?


Technology and football never looked to be something that would be welcomed by the masses of fans around the world. However, there have been two key introductions since 2012 that have helped form the modern game.

The first was the introduction of goal-line technology, which is a less divisive issue. Technology will help referees determine if the ball has crossed the line by sending an alert to the watch on their wrist.

It was applied for the first time when awarding France a goal in the 2014 World Cup against Honduras. Technology has continued to play a role in football over the last couple of years, with the video assistant referee now being used in all major competitions.

This piece of tech is far more divisive, with some fans reluctant to accept the modern game. VAR was brought in to help referees made ‘game-changing decisions’, but in competitions such as the Premier League, the tech is still enduring teething problems.


While football has a mixed reputation with modern technology, one sport that has had no such issues has been rugby. The sport has continued to thrive in the modern era with the advancements made in technology.

Football could certainly take inspiration from the way that video technology for in-game action is used in the sport, as there are very few contentious moments when referees are examining the video footage.

The referee can call on the Television Match Official in rugby to assist with tight decisions, and unlike football, rugby fans are able to understand exactly what is going on, as they can hear the conversations that are had between the on-field referee and the TMO. Virtual reality is also another tech trend that has been accepted and used readily in the sport, as professionals use the headset to improve their mental learning and help make better decisions when on the field of play.


Another team sport that has thrived with the assistance of technology has been basketball, with the NBA now using various forms of tech in the sport from top to bottom.

Advancements in technology introduced SportVu cameras, which help track data of the players involved on the court. It works perfectly for the sport, as basketball, like many North American sports, thrives on having the latest data on players.

That keeps fans and coaches up to date on all the biggest stats for each player, such as the distance covered and shot percentage, as well as the biggest stats such as points scored assists, and blocks.

This data will also be helpful for sports analysts, assisting websites like TwinSpires Edge to list the best point guards or defensive players each season.

The sport has also thrived with the introduction of tech that has helped fans watch games more easily than they traditionally would. Back in the day, fans would only be able to watch the game that was televised nationally, but that is no longer the case. Fans can now subscribe to the NBA League Pass for a price, but watch every game throughout the NBA season. The part that technological advancements have made for the viewer can’t be disputed, as fans will be able to watch games throughout the regular and post-season on a range of different platforms.


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