How Cyber Security Experts Are Winning the Fight Against Cybercrime

August 21, 2023

Cyberattacks are attempts by criminals to gain entry to computer systems or networks for the purposes of altering, stealing, or destroying information. Such intrusions could take the form of ransomware attacks, phishing scams, or denial-of-service attacks.

HackerOne gives security teams access to threat intelligence and automated testing tools for improved defenses, while Varonis helps businesses secure cloud workloads, identities, and data.

Cybersecurity Experts in Calgary

With more people using electronic devices to work remotely and connect with loved ones, cybercrime has become an increasing risk. Ransomware attacks, data breaches, and phishing scams are just some of the many methods criminals employ technology for illegal purposes and damage.

Calgary Police Service and ENFOCOM Corporation, two local cybersecurity businesses, have formed an innovative public-private partnership to create the infrastructure required to combat cybercrime. Officers can utilize virtual environments called cyber ranges for training purposes without incurring legal risks; innovators of security products also benefit by testing devices against threats in this manner.

As the global economy becomes ever more interdependent, it’s increasingly essential that cybersecurity and law enforcement capabilities complement each other. This is particularly pertinent to Canadians who increasingly rely on the internet for financial transactions, communicating with loved ones, and attending medical appointments, not to mention carrying out their jobs.

Many businesses are turning to smart systems like industrial IoT and 5G cellular technology to connect and control physical assets. However, as these systems are implemented and expanded, they create an attack surface prone to fraud, extortion, and sabotage activities. With proper security solutions in place, companies can protect their most prized digital assets. Cyber security experts in Calgary are working together to develop innovative solutions to help protect the public from these types of malicious cyber activities.

Why You Need Cybersecurity Experts

As reports of cybersecurity breaches continue to surface, it has become apparent that businesses need to invest in stronger controls; however, labor shortages and limited training programs are hindering businesses from recruiting enough cybersecurity specialists.

Cybersecurity is an integral industry, protecting all types of data against theft or loss – including financial information, protected health information, personal details, intellectual property assets, government and business systems, and more. Cybersecurity also defends against attacks with physical consequences – such as denial-of-service attacks (which halt websites or services temporarily) or stopping malicious code from infiltrating smart devices.

Experts in cybersecurity are responsible for auditing operating systems, servers, and databases to detect vulnerabilities, suspicious patterns and any signs of an attempted cyber-attack. In addition, they must devise plans to ensure the business continues as usual in the event of breach or disruption; and constantly enhance security to avoid future threats. While cybersecurity work requires passion and dedication due to cybercriminals’ increasing sophistication, its variety, growth opportunities, and puzzles make for a rewarding career path for those willing to devote themselves.

Cybersecurity Experts in Edmonton

Canadians have never been more connected to their computers and devices – accessing the internet to purchase goods online, communicating with friends and family online, or working remotely in various forms through virtual, physical, and hybrid means. While this connection can be good news, it also exposes Canadians to a constantly shifting threat landscape.

Cybersecurity experts in Edmonton are helping businesses combat cybercrime by offering security solutions designed to safeguard systems, data, and information against any attacks from hackers. Services provided include analyzing potential security incidents as well as threat hunting and vulnerability scanning services.

GoodFirms provides a record of Edmonton’s top cybersecurity service providers based on user ratings and reviews, making this an easy way to identify reputable firms capable of helping your business mitigate risks such as phishing scams, ransomware attacks, identity theft, and financial losses associated with cyber-attacks.

Treefort Technologies cofounder Kim Krushell laments that individuals no longer rely solely on their word when engaging in business transactions. She and partner Jay Krushell see residential real estate as one of the latest targets of cybercrime, with criminals impersonating owners to secure mortgage loans or obtain title to properties by fraudulent means.


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