How can customers easily recognize the QR codes owned by their favorite brands?

July 22

With the unprecedented rise of QR code usage in society today, recognizing which code is owned by brands is can be hard to notice for ordinary consumers who just get started with scanning QR codes to view legitimate information from them.

As fast as the internet can get for people to encode and decode the information into and from a QR code, the importance of having a recognizable one is crucial to easily instill brand awareness to them and avoid any scanning mishaps.

And one effective way for brands to do them is by customizing their QR code designs with the use of a QR code generator online that allows them to alter it without paying extra for it.

Since black and white QR codes are no longer the best option for brands to use in their QR code marketing, and other business means, the customization of its design becomes readily available for most QR code makers online.

What is a customized QR code?

A customized QR code is a type of QR code design that allows a user to customize their QR code design by aligning pertinent designing elements like the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors to their brand’s design elements. As well as choosing the set of frames to house your QR code for better scanning position.

If one can get hold of a QR code generator that allows logo embedding in their QR code, making customized QR codes brand exclusive is can be achieved.

How to get people easily recognize your QR codes in the streets and online?

There are so many ways on how to get people to easily recognize the QR codes your brand deploys in advertisements. Starting with generating a QR code and hop on the customization part by following these useful design personalization tips.

1. Choose a design-friendly QR code type

When customizing their QR code design, brands always should consider which type of QR code they should employ in their QR code advertising and product packaging means.

Since static QR codes store data in their graphics, the amount of information they can store should be short. Thus, making their information embedding limited to the length of the data they can convert.

But, if brands use a dynamic QR code, the worry in limiting the number of characters or data size to attach to the code design is lifted. As it stores the information using an URL embedded in the code itself, the use of this kind of QR code is perfect for creating visually appealing customized QR codes.

2. Create a scannable QR code model that matches your brand design elements.

After that, brands can then proceed in aligning their QR code design with their brand design elements by choosing the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors of the output they want. When customizing their QR code, a brand should always ensure that the QR code is scannable, even at a distance.

3. Upload your logo

As a way for people to easily recognize that the QR code is from your brand/company, adding your logo in the design is a great way for people to easily recognize and scan them. Since QR codes are scanned best when they are rebranded with the owner’s logo in them, the chances of grasping more scan results also increase.

4. Add a call to action to it

To give a person a hint on what the QR code is all about, brands can add a compelling call to action tag to their QR codes. As QR codes are can be used in different means, the use of a call to action in every code can serve as a guide for the customers who stumble upon several QR codes in one poster. In this way, people will know what the code is about and be guided to which QR code they should scan for a specific function.

5. Always ensure the right foreground to background color contrast

If you are planning to blend the colors between the code’s patterns and the background, it is best to follow the right foreground to background color contrast to avoid any scanning difficulty for the target consumers.


As the world today is now bombarded with different QR codes across the streets, commercial buildings and other public establishments, the game for easy QR code recognition starts between established brands.

And as the brand awareness competition continues between them, small businesses with great customer bases can also start stepping up their marketing and product packaging means with the use of a QR code generator with logo online and upgrades their product and brand awareness means in a cost-effective and user-friendly way.


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