How Brands Benefit From Multiple Domain Names

June 20, 2022

What is a domain name? Domain names are unique and easy-to-remember addresses that individuals use to access websites. Among the most popular domain name examples are “” and “” Users are able to connect to websites through domain names, thanks to the Domain Name System or DNS. There are several kinds of domain names. The most widely used ones are .com, .org, .gov, .edu, and .io domain names, among many others.

Brands and businesses benefit from registering a domain name. But did you know they also benefit from registering multiple domain names? There are various reasons for registering lots of domain names, mainly to encourage future growth, enhance online identity, and allow more access points to your Internet presence. Moreover, you will also be protecting your company from competitor mishaps that can restrict your online activities.

The main part of our discussion right here will focus on telling you how brands benefit from multiple domain names. But there will also be a bonus content on the critical reasons why you should consider registering multiple domain names. Let us head over to the discussion.

How Businesses Benefit From Multiple Domain Names

Choosing a domain is very important. As a matter of fact, this is among the most vital early decisions you are going to make when launching your business. Choosing the right domain will impact your memorability, reputation, and visibility. It is also going to influence your advertising and marketing strategies for the years to come. And for the right domain, it requires your investment.

So why would you complicate stuff by registering multiple domains for your business? This is because it has got a lot of benefits.

1. Multiple Domain Names Create Individual Domains For Particular Purposes

Your established website for your company becomes your digital identity hub. However, this may not be your most effective domain to link for promoting and communicating each area of your business.

Big corporations often launch standalone sites for various specific tasks and messages. For one, Amazon has its “” to give people access to its employee health care portal. Likewise, furniture chain IKEA has its “” that offers visitors a glimpse into the product development, processes, and philosophy of the company. IKEA’s .today domain separates its content from its main website.

Choosing domain names that are not difficult to remember can let customers quickly navigate to your specific site that provides the exact information they need.

2. They Protect Your Brand

Established businesses that already have their parent brand domain can further protect their brand when they register multiple domains.

For instance, did you know that Amazon owns over 5,000 relevant keyword descriptive domains set to redirect users to relevant pages on or

When you claim brand territory around your business name through redirects, you will help avoid cyber attacks from phishers. You will also even avoid parody websites that might pose as your business’ brand.

3. They Solidify Search Engine Optimization, Thereby Increasing Audience Engagement

With other popular domains like “” and “,” these descriptive domains are used to protect branding. But, on the other side of things, they are also utilized to strengthen search engine optimization or SEO.

Descriptive domains function as easy-to-remember and short “calling cards” for the offerings and the identity of a company. Domains of this kind are more searchable since they use both sides of the dot with descriptive statements or phrases that boost traffic to the website.

For example, with the domain “,” if the phrase “Malaysia travel” is searched on search engines, the intuitive next click would be to the website of Malaysia Travel.

Thus, when claiming domains to offer protection for your brand, choosing descriptive domains will guide users to your most relevant content.

4. They Create An Unforgettable Promotion

Other than the benefits you have learned above, unique domains can also be utilized to boost your promotions and engagements with an unforgettable call-to-action or CTA. With these memorable CTAs, you can drive customer participation in your business campaigns that use your brand name alongside domain extensions such as .deals, .delivery, .discount, and the like. These kinds of domains are best for social media, word-of-mouth promotions, and billboards, among others.

As an example, a memorable billboard campaign for NFTs and Bitcoin came with a simple statement that is, “make the money better,” with the URL “” Another billboard campaign said, “crypto is a peaceful revolution, hidden in plain sight,” together with the domain “” Users can have a single glance at these unforgettable links and then find them later on easily, without having to stop and write things down.

5. They Communicate A Branded Message

It is normal for brands to have many messages they share with their audience. With these, multiple domains provide a fantastic way to reinforce several aspects of your brand.

Here are some examples. The brand Skims Shapewear has acquired and used the domain “” for its social media links. As they post this vivid descriptive link, the brand makes their social media look more elevated and polished compared to short links with difficult-to-remember and random characters.

Besides, T-Mobile has a page dedicated to their hiring, which is “,” to advertise to recruiters and prospects. This domain is shorter, more descriptive, and easier to remember than having “”

Bonus Content: 3 Critical Reasons Why You Must Register Multiple Domain Names

Now that you have learned how brands benefit from multiple domain names, it is time that you know the critical reasons why you should get started registering numerous domain names.

Reason # 1: People Will Purchase Your Domain To Entice People

This is clearly not an accident. There are people out there looking for domains to bring traffic to their own websites. If your business name can benefit them in this way, they will buy your domain. Isn’t this beneficial and great for your business?

Reason # 2: People Will Buy Similar Domains Since It Is Their Brand Name Too

The second reason you must have multiple domains is that people can buy your domain since it is their brand name, too. You do not want to lose things for your business, right?

Reason # 3: People Will Make Spelling Errors When Typing Your Domain Name

When people misspell your domain name, you could lose a lot of web traffic.

Wrapping Up

Whether running campaigns on social media for large businesses or launching startups’ websites, remember that attention to detail will elevate your business.

With descriptive domain names or multiple domain names, there are opportunities for you to get detail-oriented with the messaging of your brand, the security of your website, and the stronger searchability of your company.

Do not hesitate to be creative and strategic when choosing what domains your company should claim. The more domains you claim and register, the more stories you and your business can tell.


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