HostArmada Review 2023: Offering Fast, Secure, And Stable Cloud Web Hosting

October 19, 2023

Nowadays, the trend for those who want to launch their websites, whether for individual or business purposes, is toward cloud web hosting. Suppose you want to sell products online. Your Internet shopping website will be more effective for your business and consumers if hosted on the cloud.

Cloud web hosting makes websites accessible throughout the World Wide Web using the cloud. You can find several companies that offer these services under various kinds, from cloud WordPress hosting to cloud shared hosting. To make it easier for you to understand what cloud is in technology, think of Google Drive and Dropbox. Both are storage providers based on the cloud.

But how really can you get started? It seems simple at first, but things can get a bit difficult. Unless you have the knowledge and skills, you will have to outsource the services to launch your cloud web hosting website.

Are you looking for a reliable provider of these cloud web hosting services? We recommend that you try HostArmada. We will be reviewing this provider right here.

What Is HostArmada?

HostArmada is an independently funded and privately owned web hosting company helping you create and take your innovative ideas to greater heights.

This company has a talented and dedicated team with the vision to provide fast, secure, and reliable web hosting services – everything you need to make a successful online presence.


And if those are not enough, we want to tell you that HostArmada has also been awarded several times by, a peer-to-peer review website.

HostArmada has received badges from, namely the “High Performer,” “Best Support,” “Users Most Likely To Recommend,” “Easiest To Use,” and “Higher User Adoption” badges for Fall 2023.

Not only those, but it also reviewed well on Trustpilot, a renowned review website that hosts reviews of various businesses worldwide. It has also been awarded “Best Web Hosting” by HostAdvice.

Now, you have a better idea of what HostArmada is all about. This time, let us head to the discussion and review of its services.

Solutions That HostArmada Offers

From Cloud WordPress Hosting to Development Hosting, HostArmada’s services and solutions are wide-ranging. Let us get to know each of them a little bit better.

1. Cloud WordPress Hosting

The first solution that HostArmada offers is Cloud WordPress Hosting. As you avail of this service, you will see the loading speed of your website optimized. This web hosting solution is based on the cPanel and built on top of a state-of-the-art cloud platform that includes fast and reliable SSD storage. This is what you need for your online presence.

Under this service, you get free SSL for all your websites, website migration, web server caches, cPanel control panel, and daily backups. You read that right for free.

2. Cloud Shared Hosting

Conversely, this solution combines all the benefits and perks of cloud and shared hosting. When you need your website to be versatile and at peak performance, you need to equip it with Cloud Shared Hosting – which HostArmada has.

Like the previous solution discussed, it is also a cPanel-based web hosting service built on an impressive cloud platform. You will also get stuff for free, from SSL to daily backups.

3. Cloud Reseller Hosting

The third solution on HostArmada’s list is Cloud Reseller Hosting. You may want to take this route to build a successful web hosting business.

A cloud hosting reseller is somebody who offers cloud hosting services and solutions but with the use of third-party infrastructure. This way, cloud hosting resellers can save on server hardware and maintenance costs, letting them focus their time and efforts on marketing their business. Visit VPS.Coupons to avail discounts up to 75% off on VPS hosting services.

Freebies? We got you. What’s great about this company’s Cloud Reseller Hosting solutions is that you get free SSL, WAF, malware protection, and daily backups, among others!

4. Cloud VPS Hosting

Unlike other cloud web hosting providers, HostArmada does not just end on cloud shared hosting or reseller hosting. The solutions it offers are far-reaching. Another service on its list is Cloud VPS Hosting.

Cloud VPS Hosting is perfect for businesses whose websites are growing and need more traffic and resource scalability.

Under this solution, you get free website SSL, WAF, malware protection, KVM virtualization, cloud SSD storage, free backups, and 24/7 technical support.

5. Dedicated CPU Server Hosting

Tell HostArmada what you need regarding web hosting, and they most likely have them. Another service that it offers is Dedicated CPU Server Hosting.

A dedicated CPU server gives you the flexibility of customizing your server according to your unique needs for the CPU, in particular.

HostArmada’s Dedicated CPU Server Hosting provides incredibly dedicated power based on a redundant cloud SSD platform, giving way to an unmatched performance of your website.

6. Opensource Hosting

Opensource hosting is a type of web hosting that uses open-source software. Open source software pertains to software with a source code that anybody can inspect, modify, and improve.

HostArmada’s Opensource Hosting solutions are one-of-a-kind – and affordable, too. You get SSL for your websites, website migration, web server, caches, a cPanel control panel, and daily backups for free.

7. Development Hosting

By this time, you can probably say that HostArmada is a reliable partner for your web hosting needs. Sure, and another service it has under its wing is Development Hosting.

This particular type of hosting is specially designed for website development. The company’s version is rich in tools and also reliable in performance. Like with its other services, you also get stuff for free, from website migration to web server caches.

The Verdict

You have just been introduced to a company that can help you with your web hosting needs. And, they do it the advanced way – based on the cloud. By now, you have a better idea about HostArmada and its services. This information shall help you end your search for a great provider of these solutions.

But wait, there’s more. What’s impressive about HostArmada is that it does not charge cancellation fees when you do not want its services and offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. Yes, 45 days. More than what others offer. Plus, their pricing plans are suitable for your budget. HostArmada is highly recommended.


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