Here’s Why Ran Ban Sunglasses will Stay as the Fashion Statement

July 15, 2021

Only a few brands can compete with the famous and superior Ray Ban glasses. These spectacular shades have been the fashion icon for the past few decades, initially from the 50s. You will find john F. Kennedy, Michael Jackson, and so many more famous icons of the previous times adorned with Ray Bans.

Ray Ban sunglasses were originally designed for the military. However, in 1973, the first Ray Ban Aviator was designed with the help of US Army Air Corps Colonel John A. Macready. These aviators were produced to cover the pilot’s eyes from light glares.

But soon, these Ray Ban sunglasses become a fashion statement all around the country. And now, it has been more than eighty years, and the glasses are still fashion icons’ favorite and preferred shades.

In 1952, Bausch and Lomb released the hard plastic frame called ‘Wayfarer’, which become another fashion statement. These hard plastic Wayfarers were the first non-metal sunglasses ever found.

After that, Ray Ban sunglasses were adorned on actors’ faces in movies Rebel Without A Cause and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This gave the Wayfarers their acclaimed fame. Not only in the cinema but also rock and roll Ray Ban sunglasses made their name.

Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, and many other superstars have been found wearing these stylish and famous shades. Ray Ban shades’ exquisite and sharp design speaks of rebellion and adventure, making them the clear choice for rebellious and rule-breaking musicians.

The Best Ray Ban Sunglasses to Buy

Ray Ban Wayfarer

Although not the original Ray Ban, the Wayfarer Ray Ban sunglasses are a classic. More than six decades have passed, and these shades look as good as ever. Whether you wear them with shorts, T-shirts, or a full suit, they will look amazing with any outfit.

These glasses are made with durable plastic, which is great for traveling or everyday use.

The “New” Wayfarer

The New Wayfarer glasses are a bit blander on edges, altering the sharp, edgy look of the classic Wayfarer. These frames have more rounded edges and a less slant towards the cheeks. This is a highly versatile pair of glasses that suits well with any face type. The best part, they are available in 45 different colors. So, you can buy them in your favorite color and rock your outfits.

Ray Ban Sunglasses Aviators

Aviators now have a plain style that suits well with any of your outfits. So whether you wear casual outwear or classy dresses, these aviators will make you look stylish. The metal frame that will sit on top of the ears is thin but solid enough to prevent the glasses from dropping down your face. You will find 49 different colors of these glasses on the internet.

The Clubmaster

The Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses have a semi-rimless browline frame that looks fantastic on anyone. This is perhaps the most preferred and stylish frame that looks fantastic every time you wear it.


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