Fix Hashtags Not Working in Instagram

October 20, 2020

Instagram hashtags are clickable links prefixed by a hash (#) symbol. It often leads you to a page having a post where it had been used. A hashtag can be used to directly go to the pages relevant to that phrase used in the hashtag.

Note that the personal posts don’t list down as a public post for all to see. The hashtag has become a way of expressing emotions as well. For example, if I upload a vacation picture on Instagram, I can use #vacation, #tour, #wanderlust, etc. If you are using Hashtags regularly then this article can help you a lot. If you are facing Hashtags Not Working issue then you can fix it by following this guide.

Sometimes the hashtags don’t work which means they are not clickable. It happens when the phrase isn’t allowed by Instagram. So today in this blog post we will get to know regarding the hashtags allowed by Instagram. We will also find out how to fix the nonworking hashtags on Instagram. So without any further delay, let’s get started…

How to Fix Instagram Hashtags Not Working

If your hashtag isn’t working, which means it’s not clickable or not allowed then here are some possible reasons behind the same.

  • Your account has been reported spam. It is possible that you tried to use the popular hashtag too much for getting more engagement which in turn led you into the list of spammers. Plz, avoid the unnecessary usage of hashtags.
  • Your hashtag isn’t relevant to your post. For example #we, #you, #is, etc. Such hashtags are totally irrelevant. You should avoid them too.
  • When the community reports any hashtags in the majority, these hashtags are banned by Instagram. Hence it is possible that you are using any banned hashtag.
  • If you are copy and pasting the same hashtags over and over again then also you might face this issue.
  • Don’t use the sentence as a hashtag, it must be a single word or two. Too long phrases also don’t work.
  • If you are trying to use popular hashtags for being on the news feed. But here’s the thing, when you use less popular ones, you have a chance of sustaining longer.
  • It is possible that you have outnumbered the number of hashtags allowed over a post. The good practice is to follow the 5-10 hashtags per post rule. The maximum there could be 30. But there isn’t any fixed maximum universal limit.
  • If nothing else is wrong and still your Instagram hashtags aren’t working then there might be any technical glitch here.

Hashtags Not Working in Instagram

What do you do when hashtags don’t work on Instagram?

If your Instagram hashtags are not working, you must try to find out possible reasons behind it. We have noted down some most common reasons and yours might among them. So once you are confirmed why your hashtag isn’t working, you can head to the solutions. Here are some feasible solutions that you may consider.

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  • Try to keep the phrase short and relevant. Long phrases aren’t allowed.
  • Avoid using the banned hashtags. Check if the hashtag you are using is banned by Instagram.
  • Use hashtags relevant to your post. Try to use the hashtags that are related to your post only.
  • Don’t use the same hashtags repeatedly.
  • Don’t use irrelevant hashtags like #we, #is, #to, etc. Such hashtags are totally meaningless.
  • Try to keep the number of hashtags within the range of 5-10 or a maximum of 30. More than 30 hashtags might lead you to some issue.
  • Don’t run behind popular hashtags blindly. Just keep one thing in mind, content is a key. If your content is relevant, you will get people engagement for sure.
  • Try not to use banned hashtags or any unnecessary measures so that your account doesn’t count among spammers. You may get banned so be careful while choosing the hashtags.

How do I get my hashtags to work on Instagram?

If you are willing to use hashtags that may get you some good audience engagement then we have a tip. Don’t go for shortcuts. Yes, don’t try to get huge followers overnight by using any unfair means. You may end up getting your account banned. The best way of getting your hashtag worked on Instagram is the relevancy. That’s it! Make sure your hashtag is relevant against your post.

Why can’t I put hashtags on Instagram?

When a huge amount of spammers get attached to a hashtag, it is banned by Instagram to avoid the plague to be spread. For example, #happythanksgiving is banned due to large spam engagement over a period of time. Although this hashtag could be appropriate for your post as it is banned you can’t put it. Hence before using any hashtag, well research it first.

What hashtags are banned on Instagram?

The hashtags are banned by Instagram when they are found suspicious, or reported by a large people of the Instagram community. If a particular hashtag had seen to be used by several spammers then it will be banned. Here’s the list of some top banned Instagram hashtags as of 2019.

Instagram banned hashtags 2019 

  • #rate
  • #overnight
  • #nasty
  • #elevator
  • #easter
  • #date
  • #desk
  • #fitnessgirls
  • #fishnets
  • #armparty 
  • #assday
  • And so on…

Hashtags don’t work when they aren’t appropriate or among the banned hashtags. If you are having trouble with any of your hashtags, check it’s format, it’s relevancy and then research if it is among the banned ones.

Instagram posts not showing up in hashtags

If the Instagram posts aren’t showing up in hashtags then it is possible that the post has been shadowbanned. If you are wondering what that is? Then it simply means it is flagged as spam. Whenever a post isn’t appropriate or disgraceful, you can report it. If more and more people have reported the same post, it is banned by Instagram itself. After that, you cannot find the post against the hashtags anymore as before.

Hashtags not working on Instagram stories

Just like the post, you can use hashtags on your Instagram stories as a sticker, plain text or a location tag. When people tap on it, they can be redirected to the page you want them to reach. You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags in your Instagram stories. But if your hashtags aren’t working on Instagram stories then it simply means you are violating some policies. You should then stop using such hashtags for a while to avoid the account ban.

Final Words

Social media platforms are meant for healthy interaction and engagements. But some shenanigans use it as a means to spread negativity. In order to keep such spammers under control, social media creators pose some restrictions against the activity. So even you are not a spammer, you might have violated the policy unknowingly. However, you may look for an Instagram growth service to enhance your engagement rapidly. Hence it is very important for us to know the best possible way of using social media platforms.


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