Google Opened Play Store to Gambling Apps in Canada

March 15, 2021

Google Play recently revised its policies, allowing 15 countries, among them Canada, to access online sportsbooks and casino apps. With this update, casino developers can create gaming apps and add them to Google Play Store.

Besides, Google Play allows them to have in-app adverts related to gambling. Also, with the new changes, developers can now make fantasy sports apps. Notably, up until Google updated the policies, Canadian gamers couldn’t access gambling apps from their Android devices.

If anything, you had to download the casino apps directly from your casino’s website. The process itself is cumbersome since gamers had to enable installation from unknown sources to complete the download.

Then comes the security issues. In case you found yourself in a rogue casino and installed their app, the likelihood of data theft was high. Now, with the new policies, worrying about your security when installing a gambling app on your device will be a thing of the past.

Before Google adds any application to Play Store, it must thoroughly scrutinize it to ensure it is secure. Besides, through Google Play Protect, the company can detect malicious apps. What this means, therefore, every app available will be safe.

Canada now joins the list of countries where casino apps are legal. According to Google Play, the development will help developers establish sustainable businesses and keep their customers safe.

The changes took effect on March 1, 2021. All operators seeking to add their Play Store apps are expected to follow an application process and meet various legal frameworks. There is an online Gambling Application Form where interested parties will apply.

Which Canadian gambling operators will file an application is yet unclear but we could expect that some of the best mobile casino apps you can read about here will soon be accessible through Google Play Store as well.

Google expects operators to indicate all the jurisdictions they want their apps distributed. In case there will be changes of prior licensing authorization or ownership, operators must recertify their apps during this process.

Casinos and sportsbooks will have to ensure their apps pass the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC). In this, the operators ensure they indicate the content and age rating for their applications.

Another provision is that casinos and bookmakers should allow you to download the apps for free. Indeed, Google prohibits the use of in-app billing. The apps must eliminate players about responsible gaming.

Once operators submit their apps for review, the process will take at most one week. If an operator meets all the requirements, the app will be made available for you. From here, you can install it on your device and enjoy casino access even when you are on the move.

The legal apps are those for online casinos, sports betting sites, and lotteries. Websites that offer casino games, lotteries, and sports betting will be allowed to have more than one app on Play Store. For example, the website can create a separate app for each of its offerings.

The operators will indicate which app contains what to ensure you don’t have a hard time telling which app to download. For instance, let’s say you are a fan of sports betting. Of course, you will be looking for sports betting app.


Some operators are pretty advanced. With this, they can have a single app for everything. That is, with one app, you can wager on sports, play casino games and buy lottery tickets. While both options are great, it’s obvious that finding an all-inclusive app is better.

The thrill of finding everything under one roof is unmatched. Again, it’s more convenient. You don’t have to switch between apps. Since the changes are still in the early stages, we can wait to see how the operators will go about this with time.

Are there any restrictions?

Although Google Play allows casinos and bookmakers to have their Play Store apps, the country has some governing rules. The developers must ensure they follow the gambling rules set by the company. For example, licensing from a credible authority is mandatory.

The limitations are there for several reasons, among them to ensure only players who are 18 and older can access the apps. With the rules, Canada can control rogue operators from taking advantage of the new changes.

The advantages?

The benefits of allowing casinos and sportsbooks to have their apps on the Play Store come with several advantages. Both operators and consumers will benefit from the move. For operators, it will be easier to reach a broader audience.

Before, a majority of users were afraid of downloading the apps on the grounds of security issues. Being present in a secure platform assures games their safety, meaning a high number will consider the apps.

Through the apps, the operators can drive engagement levels. Besides, for customers, the apps will allow them to carry their casinos on their palms everywhere. With this, they can safely play anytime and anywhere. Additionally, players will have access to more mobile-optimized games.

Games and sports to expect

Now that Google allows gambling apps on Play Store, this will increase competition. Every operator will be looking to gain a competitive advantage and outdo the other by creating superb apps that load and function seamlessly across different Android devices.

You can expect apps with outstanding graphics, neat layouts, and user-friendly navigation, among other aspects. Additionally, the websites will strive to offer a collection of games and sports.

Their aim here is to make sure you have the best experience for choosing them over other competitors. Talk of games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, scratchcards, baccarat, and more. For sports, bookmakers will cover all the leading events and leagues.

Typically, this will include events from popular and less famous sports. The betting markets offered will be vast. You will find betting options for sports like Football, various races, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, NASCAR, and MMA. Some will also have eSports.

Moreover, the only games you won’t be seeing many of them are the live dealer games. You know, the games run using very heavy software. Usually, for most of them, unless you are using an advanced Android device, then it’s hard to play them from your device.

Usually, you experience lagging, which can disrupt your gaming. Nevertheless, considering that technology is advancing, we can anticipate changes soon. That is, the sites will manage to have live games on your device.


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