Getting The Hack For Humanities: A guide For Tech Majors

March 4

Getting to the peak of your studies and, eventually, your career is accompanied by feelings of pride, happiness, and accomplishment. And those feelings are well deserved because you worked hard to get where you are currently at. A tech major is one step away from entering into the world of earning money and using your skills to solve real-life problems. This is the real test that will put everything learned in the classroom into perspective and help cultivate professional respect towards the chosen industry.

This piece focuses on informing any Tech major about what awaits them outside the walls of the institutions they are about to hail goodbye. So read this piece with an open mind and try to not miss any of it.

And without any further ado, let’s get started.

Real-Life Problems Need Real-Life Solutions

While in class, we are growing used to borrowing knowledge straight out of the source. In school, it is okay to find your paper writer, but in the real world, it takes both book knowledge, logic, market research, and so much more to finish an assignment. Any issue that you may face as an IT specialist will require you to input more than what you studied. And you will quickly learn to always try and go the extra mile if you want to become a great specialist.

You Have a Lot to Learn Still

The knowledge you get in university is just the bare minimum. Especially when it comes to a Bachelor’s degree. That’s why future professionals might want to look for additional classes to sharpen their IT skills.

Numerous IT Jobs to Choose From

There are plenty of career paths available to a competent IT major. One can become a software developer, data analyst, computer systems analyst, web developer, sales engineer, information security analyst, IT manager, and computer research scientist, to mention just a few. All of these are well-paying and highly competitive jobs. But there is a catch: to be able to land one of these – one must have that extra wow factor that separates a candidate from all of their competitors. Once you manage to get even one step ahead of the rest of the applicants, you will have no problem getting your dream job.

Every Client Is a Different Story

Each project you will work on after securing an IT job will be different. As a freelancer, you will have an opportunity to work with both big and small companies. And each client will have different expectations. It is quite rare to find two clients who have the exact same business model, and you should be aware of this. One client might be willing to hear you out on modifications you wish to make, while another might be stubborn and stick to their initial plan no matter what. Dealing with these two parties will entail different approaches that one must be ready to deal with. But remember: the customer is always right!

Be Ready to Work Additional Hours

The IT industry is a very fluid sector. Any tech major should be ready for sudden changes in the pace of their work. Deadlines have to be met, and quality work has to be achieved. And you will certainly sometimes find yourself in need of putting in some extra hours of work. Depending on the project time and size, an IT specialist will be expected to do what it takes to ensure the project succeeds.

Climb the Ladder Slowly

Everyone dreams that once they graduate, they’ll go straight to a spacious corner office overlooking the city. But that is never the case. A young tech graduate who is fresh from school might have to start from a shared cubicle right in the middle of the office. It may be uncomfortable, but that is just how things work. You will have to prove your worth through years of hard work before you get high enough on the career ladder. And perhaps someday you will be able to lead your own company.

One Can Become a Freelancer

Indeed, one may want to have an office, but no one said that office could not be in your home! Today, it is a possibility to become a freelancer in any field. The job market is currently under a lot of pressure, meaning that a tech graduate might not land a job immediately. But the internet has made working from home a possibility that one should make use of if they cannot get a place at the office. Your work location shouldn’t keep you from making progress. Today, some people are perfectly capable of making a living out of the comfort of their own home.

Only the Resilient Ones Thrive

Dealing with both constructive and destructive criticism is a vital skill. Once a tech graduate gets thrown into the job market and starts getting work done, some of their ideas will come under fire. Some clients will have only negative comments to give, and others will give you a hard time working. So do you get up and leave, or stay and work through it? As a general rule, you never want to leave a project half-way. The only scenario that you should walk away from is when someone is being utterly disrespectful to the point of abuse. Otherwise, you should do your best to work through it.

Take Away

Making an IT career may sound like a walk in the park, but it really isn’t. It takes longer working hours, wit, and dedication. And even if you think you don’t have these qualities – try your best anyways. You might be surprised at what you yourself are capable of when thrown into a difficult situation. Of course, work can be very challenging, but you absolutely can take it! So keep going. You are on the right track and it will only get better from here!


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