How to Get Help With File Explorer in Windows 10

January 4

Maximum PC and Laptop are running on Windows. Windows are updated many things on it a so today we are having Windows 10. You might not have that much idea about Windows 10 file explorer. But here you will get the full idea, what helps you will get from file explorer in windows 10. The file explorer in windows 10 is very much updated as compared to Window’s previous versions of Windows 8.

They added many features to it that will help you in using and to be familiar with Windows 10. So to have an idea about how to get help with the file explorer in windows 10 stay until the end of this post. You will have some interesting facts about the new file explorer windows 10.

Get help with file explorer in windows 10

The interface of file explorer has totally changed and there added many useful features. But some of you might be facing some issues on windows 10 file explorer. For those, I am sharing here the solution and how to get help with file explorer in windows 10.

Windows Explorer for Quick Access

On the new Windows 10 File Explorer, you can have easy access to you mostly used files and folder. You can set those files and folders for quick access. On Windows 10 there is a separate area for quick access.  So follow the below steps to have a quick access feature on Windows 10.

First of all, right-click on any folder or file which you want to set for quick access to the quick access panel.

On right-click, a drop box will appear where you need to click on Pin to Quick access.

The folder or file that you want to set for quick access is successfully placed on the Quick Access panel.

Now if you to delete any file and folder from the quick access panel then simply right click on the folder and select Unpin. On click to Unpin option that folder will be removed from the Quick access panel.

When File Explorer in Windows 10 crash

Sometime you might have faced that your windows 10 file explorer crash when you click on it. This is a simple problem which you can solve easily by following the below steps.

Hold the Windows key and X key together to open the command prompt.

On the command prompt, you need to type “netsh”.

After that, you need to type “Window reset ” and then hit your enter button.

It will process and when it will complete you will notice it on the black Command prompt screen.

Get help from File Explorer in Windows 10 shortcuts

Very few of us flexible with Keyboard. There are many keyboard shortcuts for access quickly to different file explorer features in Windows 10.

If you want to open a new file explorer in Windows 10 then press together Windows key with E.

To activate the search bar in windows 10 file explorer press Ctrl and E keys together.

If you want to increase the size of an icon then press the ctrl key and scroll your mouse.

To create a new folder press together Ctrl, shift, and N keys.

As Windows is updated many new features and functionalities have been added. Mainly on Windows 10, the interface is updated which makes its usability and support more flexible. File Manager on Windows 10 comes with many features. Here in this post, I have shared how to get help with file explorer in windows 10. So if you are facing any problem regarding file explorer in Windows 10 then follow the above-mentioned steps.


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