Game-Changing Tech Ideas That Did Not Change The Game

June 29, 2021

The online gambling landscape in India has undergone monumental changes in the recent past. This can be attributed to a fraction of the estimated 500 million Indians who log on to the internet daily. The Week magazine reports that almost 40 percent of Indian gamers use the internet to gamble. Gambling laws in India are obscure on their stand on online gambling. They prohibit players from betting on games whose outcome is dictated purely by chance but allow players leeway to play games that require a level of skill to play.

These laws further differ from state to state. Indians have a penchant for card games like Teen Patti and Rummy, which they can play online. These games are not available in the Google play store as Google has recently removed India from the list of countries where you can download gambling apps. Consequently, they can only be played on casino websites.

Game-Changing Ideas That Failed to Change the Game

Google Play Store 

As mentioned earlier, Indians cannot enjoy the convenience of this resource. This is due to legislative restrictions imposed on the Google Play store. If this resource was available to Indians, they would enjoy a wide choice of gambling apps on their phones. The chief contributing factor to this ban is to protect vulnerable citizens (such as teenagers and youth) from getting ensnared by gambling and getting into debt.

There have been cases where players take drastic actions such as theft or worse to finance their gambling habit. Legislators in India view online gambling with suspicion, with some linking it to money laundering and fraud. Google Play Store, although a global phenomenon, has thus failed to revolutionize the Indian online gambling scene.

Virtual currencies

Transactions in the online sphere have always had inherent risks. Earlier adopters of online transactions were exposed to the risk of hackers illegally accessing their banking details as they transacted. To reduce this risk, virtual currencies were introduced where you could transact using prepaid virtual currency (such as Beenz and Flooz).

These virtual currencies became obsolete once players learned how to secure online transactions had become. In the online gambling world, ensure you only gamble in reputable sites that have been certified safe by organizations such as eCOGRA. There are sites dedicated to guiding players to safe online casino play in India.

Tablet PCs

The inventors of tablet PCs were looking to merge features of a laptop (superior processing capability and larger display) with the portability of a mobile phone. They cannot fit in normal pockets and need a special case to carry them. This purported game-changing trend has steadily declined partly due to the rise of “phablets.” These “phablets” are mobile phones that have superior battery capacities, large displays and are still easily portable.

Many online players use these phones to access online sites to gamble. They can enjoy a seamless transition from PCs to browsing their favorite sites on their mobile phones without losing functionality. Tablets PCs are now rare as platforms for accessing the internet with few newly released versions. In fact, most are relegated to being used as entertainment for young children.

Thin Client

This is a computer that has no innate processing power but instead logs onto a central server to run its programs and access data. They are touted as being very secure since only the server needs to be secured. A Thin Client has no hard disk and only utilizes flash memory. They remain unpopular because most users prefer to have basic programs on their terminal and not have to rely on being logged on to a network.

It is also unsuitable for running some software like Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Software and video rendering software which may require more computing strength and memory allocation than the typical thin client can provide. A thin client is also basically useless without a stable internet connection. It is uncommon for online gaming as most players prefer using PCs or mobile phones.

Apple iOS Store

Apple has recently introduced a caveat in the online gambling scene. They have threatened to remove all gambling apps not native to iOS from the app store. This means that only apps designed specifically for the iOS platform will be available to users. These changes affect online sport betting firms, poker, bingo, roulette, lotteries, horse racing, and so on.

iOS is the second-largest mobile phone platform, and when these changes are implemented, they will negatively affect online gambling as many app developers may not make the transition in time. This is further complicated by restrictions imposed on gambling apps by the Indian Government.

Phoning Customer Care

This technology preceded the modern technology of live chats. The player had to make a phone call to a listed number, thus accruing even more cost. The player could also be placed on hold or still be unable to get assistance from the customer care representative. This means that the representative could only help one person at a time. This makes it costly for a company as it has to employ a lot of personnel.

With live-chat, personnel are used much more efficiently as they can deal with many more clients concurrently. Indian gamblers can report those casinos they feel are using unfair practices or are not transparent in their dealings. Some of these complaints have even led to money being returned to the complainant. The users of this site can also leave user reviews to benefit other users. They also receive the latest authoritative casino ranking. They can then visit their preferred casino and play for real money.

Even with these technology failures and legislative bottlenecks, Indian gamblers can still enjoy their online gambling games. There is a one-stop shop where players can receive objective and unbiased casino reviews and interact with other players through user reviews. Gamers can report casinos where they have encountered software issues, account handling issues, and bonus issues, amongst others. These complaints are swiftly investigated, with the complainant being apprised every step of the way.


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