From Likes to Leads: Why You Should Leverage Visuals for Effective Social Media Marketing

April 13, 2024

On social media, visual content dominates. People go to their favorite social media apps to be entertained. They want to be distracted and consumed by content that appeals to them and their wants. Thought-provoking photos, snappy videos, funny memes, educational infographics, and enchanting illustrations are all expected on social media. As a marketer, it’s your job to figure out which visuals work best for your brand’s overall social media marketing strategy. 

It’s important to put some thought into your visuals. Rather than just picking a pretty photo for the sake of it, you should strategically choose the right images. A compelling visual can make all the difference in converting likes to leads. Still not convinced that visuals are the gateway for generating more conversions? Read on to understand the value of visual content and why leveraging visuals is an effective social media marketing tactic. 

1. Communicate Your Message More Efficiently 

Regardless of the social media platform, you only have a mere few seconds to capture a potential lead’s attention. As a destination for discovery, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and X, formerly known as Twitter, want people to keep scrolling. They want people to remain interested in what they see to the point that they want to continue to consume content. And while marketing on social media is basically obligatory these days, brands are competing against one another. 

Communicating your brand’s message in a few seconds is tricky. You must be tactful in how you’re going to create a marketing message that reflects your brand but also stops scrollers in their path. This is where you should lean into visuals. An infographic of your t-shirt company’s sustainable practices is more effective than a bulleted list of eco-friendly efforts, for instance. Accompany the infographic with a call-to-action to learn more on your site for optimal lead conversions. 

Illustrations are just one way to communicate your message. Another way is through videos or live screen recordings. You may be familiar with using a screen recorder for presentations and tutorial videos. However, leveraging this same tool for your social media posts can have the same effective results — better comprehension in less time. Taking a recording of new product inventory on your site can spark interest, as can a recording of your software platform’s latest release. Video content is captivating and can easily convey messages for your demographic.  

2. Relate With Your Target Audience

Visual content tends to be more relatable than text-based content. Consumers can more easily form a relationship with your brand from a visual than they can from a long-winded piece of content. That isn’t to say that long form content doesn’t have a place in your overarching marketing strategy. But for the sake of relatability, visuals wins.  

Your brand becomes relatable when your audience forms an emotional connection with you. Being relatable is arguably just as important as being relevant, if not more. Relatability means you know who your audience is, and you care about what they care about. Many brands leverage humor, quotes, and personal photos to help establish their relatability, building brand loyalty in the process. 

The beauty brand Glossier is an example of a company using visuals to relate to its predominantly young female demographic. On Instagram, the brand relies on user-generated content and behind-the-scenes glimpses to connect with its followers. Seeing real people use a company’s products is a compelling storytelling strategy. It’s also a way to visually display your own unique brand proposition, establishing yourself from other competitors in the market.  

3. Reach More People

How many times have you shared a memorable image on social media with a friend? It’s probably a daily occurance, right? You are compelled to share these images because you think your friend will have the same response to it as you did. Visual content is highly shareable, meaning you can reach more people by including a relevant image or video. 

Shareable content tends to evoke a strong emotion, provide value, and/or encourage a response. For brands, a strong emotion should be positive in nature. After all, you want people to find favor with your brand. You also want to be seen as valuable to the consumer, particularly if you are a new business trying to establish yourself amongst other brands.

Lastly, encouraging a response from followers is another way to reach more people and grow your loyal fan base. Hosting a giveaway on Instagram, for instance, can elicit a strong response from your followers and their friends. Asking people to comment, tag a friend, and share on their Instagram Stories can help spread the word about your brand in a more organic manner. Accompany the giveaway post with a captivating image and you’re well on your way to obtaining more followers and consequently more leads.  


People are engaged by visuals. They slow down when a billboard on the side of the road captures their attention. They pause on a magazine advertorial that is striking or provides some level of education. They whip out their phone and take a picture when something captures their attention. As a marketer, leaning on the power of visuals can further captivate your followers’ attention, turning likes into loyal fans and leads. 


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