How To Get Free V Bucks (100% Working) | Latest Guide 2020

March 29, 2020

In this article know about how to get free v bucks in 2020. In today’s world of Gaming and Technology, games like Clash of Clans, PlayStation and FIFA establish an enthusiastic platform to get out of your dull zone. One such game is Fortnite. It is one of the most popular games in the world. It is sponsored by Epic games since 2017.  Fortnite is a company of around $2 billion and retains a huge business worldwide. Over 12 million people daily play games on Fortnite. It supports various game modes like Fortnite Save the World, Fortnite Royale Battle and Fortnite creative.

These versions are available on Windows, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, Android and iOS. It is practically free for all its audience but if you want to upgrade your level of Gaming then you need to pay for this game. Other features like Outfits, pickaxes, and gliders you need to pay real cash in the game. Fortnite also brings new updates in the game every other week. So to access those details, you need to pay them but if you don’t want to pay, you will need free V bucks and we have discussed the methods to get it in this post.

What is Free V Bucks?

V Bucks help you to unlock the above-mentioned features in Fortnite. V Bucks are mostly expensive. 1000 V Bucks costs up to $10, 2500 V Bucks costs $25 with the addition of 300 points, 6000 V Bucks costs $60 with the addition of 1500 points more. These are very helpful further to make your gaming experience even better. Investing all your money on one game doesn’t feel good. That’s why there are many ways through which you can earn free V Bucks online. Yes, it is possible.

free v bucks
free v bucks

How to Get Free V Bucks?

Given below are some of the ways mentioned for earning free V Bucks. You should surely try each one of them.

Play Daily

how to get free v bucks

Fortnite gives away free V Bucks to the people who play daily. You will get first free V Bucks on Day 11 and Day 28 and then 40 and so on. Just be regular people and earn your free V Bucks. It won’t be a lot. They will always be between 10 to 20, but you can surely use them to unlock minor things or just collect them for bigger ones. 

Daily Quests

Daily Quests
Daily Quests

Once you have completed the first stage Save the World then you can achieve them. You will get daily challenges in Daily Quests. These challenges will include killing a certain number of people in the game, or it can be gathering some points. You need to clear those challenges regularly. Your first prize will come after three Daily Quest. You can earn at most 50 V Bucks in one go. So keep up the consistency.

Here are some challenges from Daily Quests

  • Destroy 6 Arcade Machines for 50 V-Bucks
  • Destroy 3 Fire Trucks for 50 V-Bucks
  • Complete 3 Ride the Lightning missions  for 50 V-Bucks
  • Save 25 Survivors in successful missions for 50 V-Bucks

Complete Events

Fortnite conducts different events one or thrice a month. You need to participate in that. All you need is consistency on this platform to gain maximum V Bucks for free. If you win an event then you can gain many rewards including free V Bucks. 

Storm Shield Defence Missions

Storm shield defense missions are located at certain places on the map. You can access these missions only in the Save the World stage. Tap on these missions and complete them for getting 100+ Free V Bucks at each try. Attention, these tasks are purely for those who are consistent and achieved an elevated level in the game.

free v bucks

Some of the tasks for the beginners are mentioned below.

  • Establish Your Storm Shield or Defend it for 100 V-Bucks
  • Complete Homebase Storm Shield Defense for 100 V-Bucks
  • Twine Peaks Storm Shield Defense for 100 V-Bucks
  • Plankerton Storm Shield Defense for 100 V-Bucks

Online Reward Websites and Giveaways

Online Reward Websites and Giveaways
Online Reward Websites and Giveaways

Websites like Grab points and Swagbucks gives you tasks. When you complete a particular task, you gain points. You can convert these points into real-life cash and then send them to your Online account like PayPal. Then you can collect all this money and buy V Bucks legally. It is comparatively easy and quick. You need to be involved in surveys, play games, download applications, and files. 

Pay for Big Packages

If you can pay for one package and still looking for more V Bucks then you can buy big packages. All packages other than $9.99 one, has extra V Bucks and points. You can also collect points and utilize them as cash further. Solely, go for the extra big packages and earn more than that.

Daily Login Coins 

daily login coins
daily login coins

Now the above-mentioned ways are for those who are genuinely interested in this game and can invest most of their day playing. What if you don’t have enough time to play games regularly? Don’t worry, you won’t lose those digital coins. You need to just log in to your account daily. Attention, this method only works when you have bought the first stage Save the World and completed it. Login to your account daily and win free V Bucks. It may happen that you won’t persuade them regularly. Therefore, you need to keep calm.

Free V Bucks Generating Websites 

Free V Bucks Generating Websites 

Usually, it is not possible to generate V Bucks. V Bucks obtains digital money which can only be earned, or you can purchase packages to receive them. People don’t possess any knowledge about these points and try to find the codes on the Internet. That’s why you should never trust any V Bucks generating websites. They claim to give you free V Bucks but would take all your information in return. They will let you fill random surveys and stuff which will cause you many problems ahead. Beware of such websites and don’t operate them. Instead, you can try the above-mentioned ways of earning free V Bucks.


Gaming Zone is extremely effective and impressive too. Platforms like Xbox, Playstation, and Fortnite seize this to another level. You need digital currency for these games like V Bucks. It is comparatively easy when it comes to Fortnite. You can gain free V Bucks only by being consistent with the game. You don’t need to find random codes and code generating websites for V Bucks. It is because you can pay and get free V Bucks also on the particular package. Beware of fake V Bucks generating websites. Have a safe and remarkable Gaming period ahead.

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