5 Best Free MSN Online Games For You Play Right Now

October 20, 2020

You might be confused about what MSN game is actually about. These are free games, which are quite easy to play and learn because some of these games are actually designed according to the well known classical board games.

MSN has both single-player games as well as multiplayer games. This is a very safe and secured website with Transport Layer Security protections. Here you can create a free Email address. MSN revamped its Games channel for embracing the lifestyle. MSN was developed by a team of designers.

Free MSN Online Games to Play in 2020

Here is a list of some best free MSN games that you can play online on Windows. Some of these games are multiplayer games.

1. Solitaire


Any person who is a huge gamer must have played this game at least once in their lifetime in this generation. This is not just an ordinary game but it was also the first game that most of us have started to play in online mode on a computer or a laptop.

This is a good going game right from our childhood. The main part of this game is named Klondike, which was all about arranging a pack of 13 cards in a column or a row which has an order starting from the king and ending with an ace.

This was considered to be a single group. An ace will be positioned first followed by two, three, and so on from the same suit.

In the end, the person who stood as the winner was rewarded with never-ending cascading accolades of cards which will not end unless one person chose to start another game. It was a captivating game. But the advanced players must remember that there are different types of solitaire games depending on how visible the cards can be. They are called simple builders.


Mahjong is also a game from Microsoft. This is also a part of Solitaire and a puzzle, this is a single-player game and is based on the same name game developed in China, but this neither have a relation with the rules nor is linked to the original version of the game.

You can play this game directly in online mode also. This can work as an excellent mind work out. The main aim of this game is to get mahjong, which will be consisting of getting all 14 of your tiles into four sets and one pair.

Mahjong totally consists of 136 tiles. A pair will be containing two identical tiles. A set can either be a pung, which is three identical tiles, or a “chow,” which is a run of three consecutive numbers in the same suit. We will not have any better strategy to play Mahjong than playing frequently as many times as possible and then we can become a tactician who can keep predicting, moving and dictating how every other player at the table plays the game.

The game will end when all pairs of tiles will be removed from the board else it will end when there are no more exposed pairs. Right now, you can find the Zone in different versions of the original online game, with several various environments.

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3. 10×10 Classic

This is also one of the best and easy games powered by Microsoft. This is Microsoft’s basic version of a Tetris-like puzzle game. The main aim of the game is to build blocks with the same color, which will disappear once you completely arrange them in one horizontal line.

This game can be extended forever as long as you fail to run out of the room on the grid to place any of the blocks. The original physical Tetris is designed to send blocks from above which should be arranged in the position and hence this game is quite a different one when compared to it.

4. Jigsaw


Jigsaw puzzles improve your short-term memory. Doing a puzzle improves connections between brain cells as you will start thinking in order to complete the game logically, as well as mental speed, and is a special effective way for improving the short-term memory. This game is loads of fun and entertainment. Most of the kids find it very interesting as it is all about solving a puzzle and then getting it into the right position to get the image. Parts of the image will be taken as hints by the gamers.

But this is not the same as a puzzle. There is a difference between a puzzle and a jigsaw puzzle. This will also help us in decreasing anxiety and will allow us to be in good mental states. They will also help us in decreasing stress. This is a problem which will involve thinking ability in order to solve this. They will also improve our concentration levels. Childhood becomes lots of fun when it gets involved with these kinds of games as children get attracted to different kinds of colors and images.

5. Chess


This is a game with a strategy which is a multiplayer game where only 2 members can participate in it. There are few rules and this game completely works on this game. King can move in any direction but not more than one block (exactly one square horizontally, vertically, or diagonally ).

Checkmate happens only when the king is blocked from all the directions and you will be able to kill the king irrespective of its ultimate move. When we reach the position of our opponent coins place, their coins can be removed from that game. Here, you play your strategies to slowly eliminate other person coins and then finally put a checkmate to end the game. hence it involves a lot of strategical thinking in order to get success.

Queen can move any direction and to any number of vacant squares such as diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. The rook cannot go in diagonal directions. It should move any number of vacant squares row-wise or column-wise. Bishop should be moved in any number of vacant squares irrespective of its diagonal direction. Improve your skills with various artificial as well as real-time opponents who can challenge your abilities in multiplayer by playing this game.


These games are free and most popular among Windows users. However, Windows 10 doesn’t include these games. But you can download them from 3rd party websites.

We hope you liked this article. We have listed the top 5 MSN games that you can play for free. If you are playing these games then comment below.


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