Four Pro Tips for Cleaning Your Car

February 21, 2022

In many ways, a car is a manifestation of a person’s personality. If your vehicle is in a shabby state, that will not reflect well on what you’re about. After all, you worked so hard to purchase your four-wheeled companion in the tough road conditions.

While most do go to take their cars to the local car wash shops—who normally do quite a decent job—what may not always be known is that you can take proper good care of car at home and at a fraction of the cost. All you need is some time and a little bit of passion for guaranteeing a spotless shine.

  • Prepare your car for cleaning and washing

It’s better to round up everything you need before you begin washing your vehicle to prevent any mess from getting into your home. You’ll need a water hose, sponge, buckets, car wax, wash mitts, microfiber towel, stiff brush, car wash, and a glass cleaner.

Fill your bucket with warm water and soap and another bucket with normal water.

Make sure your car is parked out of direct sunlight to prevent premature drying, which could result in streaks. Make sure the windows are closed, the antenna retracted, and windshields wipes are pulled from the screen.

  • Wash the car

Begin by hosing down your vehicle to soften and loosen any dirt. Point the water flow downwards to make sure it does not drop in through the window seals. We don’t recommend using a strong jet of water at this stage, as that could move the dirt around and cause scratching.

Wash the wheels, too, as they are the dirtiest. Hose away the loose dirt and use the brush to scrub the openings. Keep scrubbing and washing until the water is clean.

Soak the mitt in the soap water and rub the vehicle working from top to bottom. Avoid using a scrubbing brush on it, as that could scrape the paint job.

Then, rinse the soapy areas of the car before moving to the next section. Remember that dried soap could cause damage to the paint. Keep your car wet with your hose as you finish this. Doing so will prevent water droplet marks until you’re ready to dry the car later. You can then take a moment to spray the car’s underside with the hose to wash it.

  • Dry the car

Microfiber towels work most excellent for drying the car, but cotton towels will work as well. You may require a few towels in this process. Start at the top, wipe, and dry your car making sure no residue is left, and every section is completely dry to avoid rusting.

You can also put wax on it, but it should only be applied to a clean, full dry car. It typically involves rubbing the wax into your vehicle’s paintwork in sections then followed by buffing with a clean cloth. Make sure you follow the guidelines on the wax product you are using for the best results.

Waxing your vehicle adds another layer of protection to your paintwork and delays color fading. It will also offer your car a shiny finish, keeping it clean for a longer time. What’s more, you can clean the windows through a window cleaner or by using white vinegar with a newspaper in fast, circular motions.

Now is the perfect time to monitor the fluid for the windscreen washer pump and examine the dipstick’s oil levels.

  • Clean the inside of your car

For the last tip, make sure you also clean the inside of your car. You can pick to finish cleaning your vehicle when it is dry, or you can move to clean its inside. That all depends on how much time you have.

Remove the big head on the hoover and utilize the thin brush nozzle to hoover your car’s inside. Remove the floor mats and give them a decent shake to get rid of dirt. Then leave them aside while you hoover the car floors.

Get rid of the dust and debris with a household polish and a cloth on the car’s surfaces. Open the glove box and boot to remove anything that does not belong there. We also recommend throwing out the trash and organizing what is left inside, so it is tidy and neat. Make sure you also check the spare tire and the emergency kits inside while you are cleaning the boot.

There you have it! Now it is time you give yourself a good path on the back as your car is stunning both inside and out. On top of that, you saved a huge amount of money on the cost of a garage wash.

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