How To Fix Waiting For Available Socket Issue

July 29, 2020

Google Chrome has become one of the most indispensable parts of our internet browsing experience. It doesn’t come as a shock that this powerful web browser quickly came up to be an alternative to Windows Explorer and Firefox, then rightfully took its sovereign place to hold the monopoly on millions of users’ web browsing experience.

Surely there are many other alternatives available today for Google Chrome but it still holds the trust for millions of users. Rightfully so, for it revolutionised the web surfing experience with its highly effective features and easy to use interface.

Still, with all of its prowess, Google Chrome is also susceptible to some errors which can hinder the smooth surfing experience for its users. Some users have complained about “Waiting for available sockets” error in Chrome.

What does the occurrence of this error really mean? And how to fix it? Let’s take a look at it.

Fix Waiting For Available Socket Issue

By default Google Chrome allows 6 simultaneous connections to open at any time. So while you are streaming media files, these open connections are being utilised to execute that function. However, when you stream several media files simultaneously from more than these six sockets for open connections, the seventh connection sits idle until one of the sockets get freed to be used. However, Google Chrome might hang from this overload and it might lead to Chrome showing up the error “Waiting for available sockets”.

Not to worry though, for this error can be fixed through multiple ways. Let’s take a look at them –

1. Use a third-party audio tool

When multiple audio tags are being utilised simultaneously, it can lead to Google Chrome showing up the error “Waiting for available sockets”. An easy way to fix this problem is to use third party audio tools. Some of these tools can be a great way to utilize –

2. Web Audio API

This is a great tool that gives you enormous power to control music on these open connections. Apart from this, you can choose to create multiple effects with the audio, edit and control audio sources, also to create vivid audio visualisation. It is a third party audio platform offered by Mozilla and can prove to be a great help for the “Waiting for available sockets” error.

3. SoundJS

This is a very powerful and dynamic tool to enhance your audio streaming and take it to the next level. While having amazing features that make it work with the audio stream a task so easy, it combines a powerful feature to make streaming quality for games and the likes.

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4. Force open sockets

While the sockets can get stuck on overload, it is easily possible to force open the sockets to remove the “Waiting for available sockets” error. Let us see how-

  • Open Chrome and type the following into the address bar –


  • From the left panel, choose “Sockets
  • Select “Flush Sockets Pools”

Relaunch Google Chrome after the process is complete. This will hopefully resolve the “Waiting for available sockets” error.

5. Clear browser cache and cookies

If the aforementioned step did not work for you, you can try out clearing the cache and cookies in the browser. Follow the following steps-

  • Open Google Chrome and go to the Settings from the menu on the upper right-hand corner.
  • Go to Privacy and Security on the left panel.
  • Select Clear Browsing Data.

  • When the panel for this shows up, check on Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files option.
  • Choose Clear data button for the browser to clear the cookies and cached files data.

After the browser clears the cookies and the cached files, it will leave room for the sockets to work smoothly. Just close and open Google Chrome again after this process is complete. The browser will hopefully work smoothly now.

6. By clearing your Extension

Sometimes a corrupted version your Extension gets installed on Google Chrome and this might cause the sockets to overload. You can fix this by

  • Go to the Extensions menu option on the upper right-hand corner.
  • Click on Manage Extensions

  • On the Extensions showcased, you can choose which of the installed extensions you want to remove.

  • Click on Remove and confirm.

7. Switching to another browser

While many other fixes enlisted above would work for you as well, this is the simplest one amongst them. Even with its powerful and dependable features, Chrome can have its limitations. Switching to alternative browsers can fix this problem in a hitch. You can use this method as the last resort to the “Waiting for available sockets” error.

What does the error “Waiting for available socket” mean?

Google Chrome allows for six open sockets to work simultaneously while streaming media. Sometimes when all of these sockets are occupied together or get overloaded with cookies and caches, or while trying to stream another media simultaneously, it can result in the “Waiting for available sockets” error if the seventh open sockets get overloaded.

How do I fix “Waiting for available socket” error?

We have enlisted multiple methods above which can help you to fix the “Waiting for available socket” error. You can try getting a third party audio tool, force open the sockets, clear browser cache and cookies, clear your extension and toolbars, or if none of these methods works to switch to another browser.

How do I flush a Chrome socket?

To flush a Chrome socket,

  • Type Chrome://net-internals/#dns into the address bar and select the Clear host cache
  • Go to Chrome://net-internals?#sockets and click on Close idle sockets and Flush socket pools.

What does “Waiting for cache” mean in Google Chrome?

Caches are where the Google Chrome web browser saves information about your browsing history so that it can personalise and improve your search results. “Waiting for cache” error comes up when Google Chrome is not able to access and use this information.


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