Fix Steam Not Opening in Windows 10, 8, 7

February 10

Steam is one of the most popular and widely used platforms to download and purchase Games. Just like the Google App Store and Windows Store, you can easily download and install apps. It is the most reliable platform to download games. But sometimes you will face some issues with a steam client like steam games won’t launch. Steam is for PC gamers, allow you to download all games for Windows 10. Here we’re going to go through the most common causes for Steam not opening on your PC and our solutions for fixing them. So many Steam users have reported this issue after installing new Windows 10 update. Once you see this error message, you cannot do anything about it. You cannot open Steam or download games. The steam client closes itself right after you open it. The issue can occur due to somany reasons such as Steam Client Files are corrupted or the network is weak. No matter what is the situation, you don’t need to get panic. You can easily fix the issue without reinstalling Windows 10. Sometimes Steam may refuse to launch, or you can open it, you cannot download or purchase the games.

How to Fix Steam Not Opening in Windows 10, 8, 7

If you’re working with Steam Support, they might also request that you provide more information or perform tests that could narrow down the reason for the situation. Steam Client is an internet platform that enables you to buy games and applications just enjoy the Play store. You might not be in a position to open your Steam client on account of the lousy network status. The first thing you should do is check whether the Steam servers are down which can happen whenever there’s maintenance or some type of problem that leads to an outage. Windows 10 users faced lots of problems any time they update it. Other reasons incorporate corrupt system files, virus or malware or only a poor online connection. Heed the instructions supplied in the workarounds below, and you will receive back your Windows 10 start menu.

Method 1: Close all the Steam tasks Running in the background

If you are facing Steam Not Opening issue then first of all close all the processes by Steam. When you close Steam, some processes are still running in the background. You have to close them all from the task manager. Follow these steps:

1. Right click on the taskbar and then click on Task Manager.

2. You can see all the processes Running. Now End all the processes by steam.

3. Now reboot pc and then reopen Steam Client.

Method 2: Restart network devices

Sometimes due to network connection issues, you will face this Steam Not Opening or steam won’t open issue. So first make sure that you are using a working network connection. You can restart all your network devices.

1. First of all, shut down your computer and then switch off your Router and Oher devices.

2. Now wait for sometime and then turn on PC and Router.

3. Now open Steam Client and try to download games. This should work.

Method 3: Reinstall Steam client

If all the other mentioned methods are not working for you, then it is time to reinstall Steam Client.

1. Download Steam Client Latest version from Steam website.

2. Once download completed, click on install. Now Login to your Steam Account and see if it is working or not.

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Method 4: Update operating system and drivers

Sometimes due to incorrect Drivers or Corrupted Drivers, you will face steam won’t open when I click the icon, steam running in the background but won’t open issues. So make sure that all the drivers are updated.

You can download Latest Steam Client Drivers from the official website. You can manually install the drivers. But if you don’ t want to do this manually, you can use driver update tools like Driver Easy. These tools will automatically download and install Drivers on your Windows 10.

Also, Go to Settings > Updates and Security and Download All the Available Updates for your Windows 10.

Method 5: Temporarily disable antivirus

Your Antivirus may block Steam Network sometimes. So it is recommended to disable Antivirus for some time if you are using any.

Method 6: Restore your computer using a restore point

If still, you are facing steam not opening on Windows 10/7/8 then use system restore option and restore your Computer.

Final Words

Always keep your Windows updated and use Latest Drivers. Contact us if you are still facing the issue after using the above methods.


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