Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error in Chrome, Youtube and Windows

August 5, 2018

ERR_CONNECTION_RESET is a common internet related error, and if you are a regular chrome and Youtube user, then you have faced this error many times. When you are trying to open any website, and you see cannot connect can’t establish a connection with the destination website. Your other websites may operate, but certain websites won’t. Now there are lots of causes that could be the source of the issue so you’ll have to adhere to every method and stop in the one that is appropriate for you.

In my experience, I have always found this error to be a consequence of making changes in the registry, TCP IP or other network configurations. Err_SSL_Protocol_Error or Your Connection isn’t Private. These Windows errors are extremely irritating. This error usually means that the website you are trying to see can’t establish a connection with a server. This error is triggered by Registry or Network Changes, and there’s truly lots of information related to this error.

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This is a mistake which often comes up when the site you’re attempting to visit can’t establish the connection with the destination source site. It is a common error online and shown largely on your google chrome web browser. From this ERR_CONNECTION_RESET mistake, you can’t connect to several sites at random times.


Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error in Chrome

Windows 10 users reported err_connection_reset mistake in their PC, and now we are going to explain how you can repair this error. It’s very annoying if you’re trying to visit a particular website or page, and it is very tough to tell what’s causing this error. Even if you use a different system than the ones covered in this guide, this will still give you a fantastic idea of possible ways to fix this annoying issue.

This error occurs when you’re attempting to visit a page in a site, but that page cannot establish a link to the main site. Other pages on the site may or may not work since you might find this error just for a couple of pages in particular.

Check Proxy Settings

If you are using Windows 10 or any other Windows OS then before going to apply any other solution first check your Internet proxy settings. Sometimes your LAN connection and mixed DNS addresses are responsible for this error.

All you have to do is, remove a selection of the ‘Use a Proxy Server for Your LAN’ from LAN settings that may fix the error.

Go to your Windows Control Panel > Internet Options > click on the Connection tab > LAN Settings.

Go to the Proxy server section > deselect the ‘Use a Proxy Server for Your LAN’ checkbox.

Finally, click on the OK button and check if you are still receiving this error or not.

IP Address Reset

Open Run > type cmd > open Command Prompt as administrator.

Type the below code > Enter button.

Check Power Cycle

Check your Wi-Fi and internet connection cable. You can unplug the power and internet connection cable for 5 minutes then connect the cable properly. This may reset your internet connection and will Fix Connection_Reset Error In Google Chrome.

Thanks for reading this Working Windows 10 solution. If you are having any issues then comment below.


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