Fix Ctf Loader Issue On Windows 10

July 9, 2020

CTF stands for a collaborative translation framework. As per the name, it looks like a translator, and it is a translator. It helps to recognize and monitor keyboard translation voice recognition, speech to text translation, and other languages. It also activates the Microsoft office language bar. The CTF situated in C:\Windows\System32 for 32bit system or C:\Windows\SysWOW64 for 64bit system. The extension file name is ctfmon.exe. The STF problem can affect your system performance; it can reduce it.

It can also affect your inputs and language. Many things can affect STF. But you don’t need to worry about it because we hear to solve this problem. In this article, we will tell you how to fix the CTF loader issue in windows 10.

Reasons for CTF Loader Issue

Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel:- Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel can also create a CTF loader issue. We will recommend to you. If you do not need them, do not use them.

Ctfmon.exe file:- ctfmon.exe is an extension file name of CTF. To tackle this problem, you can also delete all ctfmon.exe files it can solve this problem.

Task Scheduler:- you can use the task scheduler for control ctfmon.exe file. In this process, you don’t need to delete anything or disable. This is the easiest way to control the effects CTF loader issue.

Restore PC:- Restoring pc can be a solution. Because when you restart your pc, it repairs and protects your system software. It read your system file and Windows registry and keeps them as Restore Points. This process will remove the STF loaded problem.

Update PC:- you can update your pc. This can also solve the CTF loader issue when you update your PC. Then your PC changes entirely and almost all systems as well. After upgrading your CTF loader issue will solve automatically.

How To Fix CTF Loader issues on Windows 10

Below are complete steps to fix Ctf Loader Issue. Please follow each step carefully.

Method 1- Disable Touch Keyboard And Handwriting Panel

Step 1:- click windows + r to open run.

Step 2:- type services.msc

Step 3:- Press enter.

Step 4:- find touch keyboard and handwriting panel in the list.

Step 5:- double click on touch keyboard handwriting panel.

Step 6:- now touch keyboard and handwriting panel properties box open in your screen.

Step 7:- now go to startup type.

Step 8:- select disable from the Startup type list.

Step 9:- click on stop.

Step 10:- then click ok.

Method 2- Delete Ctfmon.exe File.

Step 1:-  go to my computer.

Step 2:- double click on C drive.

Step 3:- Open windows.

Step 4:- open SysWOW64 if your system is 64-bit systems otherwise open System32 for 32-bit systems.


Step 5:- Select all Ctfmon.exe files.

Step 6:- delete all files.

Method 3- Task Scheduler

Step 1:- Open run, (press windows + r)

Step 2:- Type taskschd.msc

Step 3:- Press enter.

Step 4:- task scheduler window appears on a screen.

Step 5:- find Task Scheduler Library in the left pane.

Step 6:- double click on Task Scheduler Library.

Step 7:- double click on Microsoft.

Step 8:- double click on windows.

Step 9:- find TextServicesFramework from the left pane.

Step 10:- now select TextServicesFramework.

Step 11:- now look for MsCtfMonitor in the right pane.

Step 12:- right-click on MsCtfMonitor.

Step 13:- now select disable.

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Method 4- Restore PC

Step 1:- Open control panel.

Step 2:- now a control panel box appears on your screen.

Step 3:- go to the search bar of the control panel which is situated in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 4:- now type recovery in the search bar.

Step 5:- Press enter.

Step 6:- now click on recovery.

Step 7:- select open system restore.

open system restore

Step 8:- a system restore box appears on your screen.

Step 9:- now Click Next which is situated in Restore system files and settings dialogue box.

Step 10:- click on the latest restore point.

Step 11:- Click on Show more restore points checkbox it gives you access to the additional restore points.

Step 12:- then click Scan for affected programs.

Step 16:- Click on close.

Step 17:- select next.

Step 18:- Wait for the process to complete.

Step 19:- When the process will complete click on finish.

Method 5- Update PC

Step 1:- Click on start.

Step 2:- go to settings.

Step 3:- Now a setting box appears in your screen.

Step 4:- find updated and security.

update and security

Step 5:- click on updated and secure.

Step 7:- select window update.

Step 8:- Click on check for updates.

The Bottom Line

Ctf Loader Issue is very rare on Windows OS and you can easily solve it with the above steps. Comment your views.


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