Five SEO Goals You Need to Target Now

February 17, 2022

Even if you have a unique and captivating site with timely content, without SEO your target audience won’t be able to find you. You may have all the best products but without SEO, you can’t connect to your customers, and they can’t check out what you have to offer.

But what is SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the heart of marketing success. It’s about using optimization strategies to help your site rank higher in search engines’ search results. And just like any strategy, SEO strategies change depending on customer behavior and industry needs.

This 2022, SEO is all about paying attention to the most detailed aspects of your digital marketing. It’s about understanding your customers and becoming more aware of what they want out of your brand and using fantastic SEO to reach your audience and convert them.

The following are five of the most popular and digitally profitable SEO strategies. Use these strategies to jumpstart your marketing campaigns this year.

Boost Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is many times more valuable than paid traffic sources. Acing your organic traffic means you’ll attract viewers to your digital presence whom you can convert to customers. You’re building your brand reputation using natural techniques and thus, you’re setting up a permanent ranking that your competitors may find very hard to overcome.

To start improving organic traffic, you must first cull information from your site about your organic traffic growth. By using Google Analytics, you can better understand your website or blog site performance. With this data, you can set up realistic goals and steps on how to improve organic searches.

Aside from considering your past growth rates, you should take note of factors like audience size as well as your competition. If your analytics report says you’re getting a sizable audience proportion using your strategies, then you’re on the right track. You should keep steady with around 5 to 10% organic growth.

Some ways to improve organic traffic

  • Find and improve poorly-performing site content.
  • Research better keywords and key phrases.
  • Create a blog site.
  • Enhance website architecture for more sitelinks.

Organic traffic must never be overlooked. Out of all the SEO strategies you set this year, building organic traffic could be the most crucial as it can greatly impact your goals.

Enhance Backlinking

Creating the best quality backlinks can improve your ranking and your domain power. Backlinking is not just about the number of links you’re gaining but where these links are coming from. Building backlinks should be more of quality than quantity. Having quality links will support your current and future SEO strategies. This article from Digital Authority Partners offers advice on why quality over quantity should be more prominent in today’s world where competition for keywords can often seem overwhelming.

To start boosting backlinks, research the best sites to link from. Check the content of these sites and identify which content they usually backlink to. Identify content that may share similar topics with your kind of content. To make backlinking easier, use a backlink builder tool.

This tool can help you research high-value sites that can boost your ranking. With this kind of tool, you’ll be in charge of the pages that you can link to with only pages from sites that can offer the best value in the long run.

A few backlinking strategies to consider

  • Use a trusted backlink builder tool to find valuable sites.
  • Develop good relationships with the site you want to gain links.
  • Backlinking does not happen in a snap. It takes consistent effort to promote value.
  • Identify the links that produce more inbound traffic and improve your relationship from these as well.

Improve Domain Authority

You’ll gain higher priority in SERP or Search Engine Results Pages as your website becomes visible in high-value search engines. Enhancing domain authority starts with identifying the factors affecting your domain ranking, suggests SeoProfy.

Taking the domain lead is all about having quality content. Your visitors will likely read your posts, share them on social media, and talk about your content with quality content. More engagement impacts your domain authority.

Find the content that brings you more engagement. Then, build your content creation strategy from your results. Remember that search engines rank sites that have links from authoritative sites. Review your content and minimize the number of low-value backlinks to enhance your domain dominance.

  • Conduct a site review and locate poor-performing links and replace them.
  • Strive to create the best content. It must be relevant, useful, rich content with high user value.
  • Feature your content on your social media platforms to improve engagement.
  • If you can’t make quality content or have no time, hire a professional content creator.

Improve Site Speed

Page loading speed dramatically affects engagement. Hubspot reveals that page speed affects user experience, conversions, brand reputation, and revenue. No matter what type of website you have, it has to load fast. Otherwise, you could be losing visitors to your competitors.

Use a website speed checking tool and a speed monitoring tool to help you gather insights on which part of your site affects your overall speed. Once you know what part slows you down, consider the following strategies

  • Maintain a simple website – avoid excessive resources that affect page loading times.
  • Reduce large image files. Resize images and limit image formats to the most common formats.
  • Reduce your site’s HTTP requests.
  • Use only smaller files so they are easier to send or download.
  • Use the best web hosting service.

Encourage Visitor Time

The more time visitors spend on your page, the higher your rankings will be. But this is more than just reading an article for hours on your site. It’s about checking different pages, utilizing your site features, and browsing different content.

Convincing your visitors to stay depends on the value that they find on your site. The more valuable they think your site is, the more they’ll likely stay, return, and recommend your website.

  • Improve your site content. Engage your visitors with high-quality and timely content.
  • Improve content structure. Your content must be organized so it’s easier to navigate, find, and share your content.
  • Improve page elements of your main page, blog pages, and landing pages.

Final Words

Whatever your SEO goals are this 2022, take time to discuss them with your marketing team. Formulate desired goals and the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. Also, take time to evaluate your site and use a site analytics tool to identify your site’s good points and bad. You’re on the road to success with these SEO goals.


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