Five Important Features Your Gambling App Must Have

April 27, 2022

As the online gambling craze rips through the United States, Canada, and other major nations, the top online sportsbooks are battling for your attention. The leading apps understand the need for a reliable, modern, and private online gambling experience and are eager for you to come and try out what they have to offer. From the standout Las Vegas betting sites to the apps of Europe, there’s plenty to choose from, but how do you ensure you are gambling with the best bookie and receiving the most generous service?

A recent study into the habits of sports bettors showed that smartphones are the preferred option for those looking to wager on professional sports. More bets are struck every day using mobile apps on Android and iOS devices than desktop computers and at land-based bookies combined. We demand a fast, reliable, and user-friendly online betting experience, and it’s up to the major providers to ensure they cater to the needs of their customers and their service is good enough to attract new players.

The best bookie isn’t always the one that’s better than the competition but the one that is best for you as a sports fan. It must have all the competitions, sports, fixtures, and teams you are most interested in. The odds must be a market top offer, and the promotions available to both new and existing players should be attractive. From live streaming to the metaverse, there’s a lot to consider. Finding the right bookie isn’t always easy, and that’s why we are here to help. This article lists five important features a gambling app should have to warrant your attention.

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Welcome bonus

When seeking out a bookie, you want one that offers all new players a welcome bonus. This is a promotion designed to entice sportsbook gamblers to sign up and start gambling, choosing one bookie over the competition. The best welcome bonuses are free bets which match your first deposit and gamble. For example, if you bet $50, you’ll get a $50 free bet.

Other types of welcome bonuses include cashback, enhanced odds, extra places each way, profit boosts, and more. There should also be a healthy presence of specials for existing members, those who have already proven their loyalty. Checking just how generous a bookie is before joining takes a few moments, and you don’t even have to be a member. Simply click the promos tab, and you’ll find everything available to both new and existing players. The more deals and sports promotions here, the better the bookie is. It’s that simple.

Live streaming 

You want to be able to watch your bets perform, cheering your pick all the way to the finish. You can do that by signing up with a sportsbook that offers customers a live streaming tab. The best live streams allow you to watch football, horse racing, and other popular sports on your smartphone. It’s HD quality and has expert commentary and betting odds.


Betting is making its way onto the metaverse, and with gambling now legal in a growing number of regions in the United States, you can be sure that presence will grow in the coming months and years. We are moving towards the next stage of social connection, and that includes bookmakers, sports teams, and players.


This is one of the most popular features for online bettors. In-play allows registered members to gamble on a sports fixture that has already begun. That means you can wager on a football match at half-time or a boxing bout entering the final round. Many of the pre-match betting markets remain live throughout the course of a game, with the odds updated by a live trader to reflect the score and flow of play.

For example, the first goalscorer market will be changed to the next goalscorer after the opener, and the winning team’s odds will be reduced when they take the lead. That will have a knock-on effect on most other markets.


Place a bet at any established online bookie, and you’ll see a cash-out amount added to your bet slip. This value will be equal to your stake at first but will rise and fall depending on how well your selection is performing.


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