Facebook Messenger App Gets a New Logo, and Everyone is talking about it.

October 19, 2020

Facebook Messenger’s app logo finally has a fresh, colorful look for the first time in seven years. It signifies the compatibility of Facebook messenger with Instagram. The logo also implies the company’s strategically way to inform users that there is more beyond to come aside from exchanging chat messages.

The lead technology team of Facebook is launching an update. The updated messenger logo will get some of the vibrant colors of the Instagram app and preserve some of the messenger’s iconic sky blue color. However, the design of the logo will remain as it is.

Facebook’s announced in a blog post that the new logo in pink, orange, and purple tones symbolizes a shift to the future of messaging. It also means to show messenger’s move to powering conversations on Facebook’s video communication device Portal and other virtual reality headsets.

Facebook also said that “Today, Messenger gets a new look to mark our continued evolution from a simple way to message your Facebook friends, to a place to hang out with your favorite people, on your favorite apps and devices,”

For the past month, Facebook enhanced the messenger app by launching more engaging activities to interact with the family-like watching videos and making it as” joinable” to group videos and more. It also provides funny and exciting filters, games, or background to try on while on video call-giving a whole and new experience while having virtual conversations.

The company announces that Facebook messenger did a crossed-up communication together with Instagram. The roll-out will take place soon in North America.

The refreshed logo enhances their conversation visually through the help of new chat, themes, and colors. Facebook will also be similar to Snap Chat regarding messages because it will roll out Vanish Mode. It only happens if you activate the mode, the written messages will automatically vanish right after you exit the chat or the chat has read already.



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