200+ Badass and Evil Villain Names List and Ideas

August 6, 2021

Every hero becomes a hero because there is an antagonist to oppose him. No story or movie is complete without a villain. We are fascinated by the popular Villains as much as we are fascinated by heroes and want to use the Villain names.

Best Villain Names

A strong Antagonist makes the story interesting, exciting, and worth watching. We all get attracted to their smartness, evil character, and swag, and sometimes we like Villains more than heroes and remember them forever.

Best Badass Villain Names

Villain characters are so fascinating. They are complex, layered, and there is so much to observe. They are brilliant, smart, and evil at the same time. Even if you don’t like what they do, you must have admired the way they do it.

Our obsession with the Villains has made Voldemort, Joker, and Thanos more popular than the protagonists in the respective movies and books. And we all see most people use Villains’ names as their Instagram handles, gaming usernames, and elsewhere in social media than Hero names.

Evil Character Names

That’s why we bring you the best names for Villains. This is a massive collection of cool, badass, and catchy villain names, evil character names from Marvel, DC, Anime, etc., and the most famous villains of all time.

1. Angel Slayer

2. Cyclone

3. Black Saint

4. Mr. Stalker

5. Light Yagami

6. Super Psycho

7. Basilisk

8. Venom

9. Bead Bandit

10. Omega

11. Beast Titan

12. Flux

13. Monster of Ages

14. Apex

15. Tom Riddle

16. Dark Lord

17. Captain Cold

18. Britania C

19. Black Manta

20. Anarky

21. Killer Frost

22. The Major

23. Gilgamesh

24. Medusa

25. Ronno

26. Bane

27. Sniper

28. Magneto

29. General Zod

30. Executioner

Dangerous Villain Names for Everyone

Here are some of the Villian names. They are evil and dangerous and look very cool as your social media handles and gaming names.

Dangerous Villain Names

  1. Mr. Peace
  2. Diamond Danny
  3. Red Cloud
  4. Crossfire
  5. Water-Fire
  6. Death Eater
  7. Devil’s Advocate
  8. Hurricane
  9. Captain Tsunami
  10. Speaking Monster
  11. Wild Devil
  12. Johnny Rotten
  13. Killer Panda
  14. Penny Wise
  15. Bowser
  16. Sandman
  17. Kingpin
  18. Skeletor
  19. Syndrome
  20. Captain Virus
  21. Cyrus Tunion
  22. Doctor Doom
  23. Mister Disaster
  24. Professor Chaos
  25. Tony Montana

Evilest Villains of all times

  1. Pin Head
  2. Miss Chroma
  3. Lucifarious
  4. Interceptor
  5. Arsenal
  6. Nomad
  7. Warmonger
  8. Mischief Man
  9. Ego
  10. The Dead
  11. Fin Fang
  12. Violator
  13. Despero
  14. Annihilus
  15. Omni Man
  16. Parallax
  17. The Adversary
  18. Carnage
  19. Shade
  20. Hunter Rose
  21. Electro
  22. Doctor Light
  23. Mirror Master
  24. Proteus
  25. Magog

Villain Names for Girls and Women

There are some fantastic female antagonist characters, and we all loved watching them. Especially the ones in the Disney movies are loved and hated by everyone. Here some of the best villain names for women.

Dangerous Female Villains

  1. Veronica
  2. Giganta
  3. Harley Quinn
  4. Cat Woman
  5. Lady Deathstrike
  6. Poison Ivy
  7. Hela
  8. Ghost
  9. Queen of Hearts
  10. Lady Badass
  11. Dona Diana
  12. Scarlet Witch
  13. Lady Boss
  14. Miss Typhoon
  15. Miss Misery
  16. Princess Kiss
  17. Black Bird
  18. Angel Witch
  19. Lady Panther
  20. Spiralian
  21. Eclipse
  22. Wicked Witch
  23. Blonde
  24. Vixen
  25. Black Pear

Girls, Women and Female Villain Names

  1. White Tigress
  2. Drag Queen
  3. Freakwoman
  4. Fiesta Frost
  5. Miss Lovely
  6. Quienna
  7. Roota Skeeter
  8. Telsa
  9. Christeene
  10. Miss Brown
  11. Minvera Minto
  12. Mrs. Sharp
  13. Lady Boss
  14. Creta
  15. Elinia Swatch
  16. Evil Barbie

Antagonist Character names for Boys and Men

Boys always love larger than life characters and like how Villians made life tough for other people. Boys love to have these badass names as their gaming names and social media user tags. Here are some of the coolest villain names for men.

Male and Boys Villain Names

  1. Zod
  2. Prince John
  3. Valiant
  4. Victor Zsasz
  5. Malekith
  6. Vicious
  7. Horned King
  8. Paladin 
  9. Mother Gothel
  10. Vandal Savage
  11. Two-Face
  12. Mr. Glass
  13. Trigon
  14. Magnus
  15. Steppen Wolf
  16. Solomon Grundy
  17. Sinestro
  18. Riddler
  19. Dormammu
  20. Fierman
  21. Reverse Flash
  22. Psycho-Pirate
  23. Maxwell Lord
  24. Zerodha
  25. Doctor Hell
  26. Mr. Smo King
  27. Edgar Balthazar
  28. Char Aznable
  29. Draco
  30. King Shark
  31. Ronan
  32. Helios
  33. Lex Luthor
  34. Heat Wave
  35. Lockjaw
  36. Mr. Dragon
  37. Doctor Sivana
  38. Captain Hook
  39. Doomsday
  40. Naraku
  41. Doctor Psycho
  42. Doctor Cyber
  43. Laffey
  44. Bearman
  45. Lucious
  46. Darkseid
  47. Dio Brando
  48. Prince Nightmare 
  49. Big Bad Wolf
  50. Casanova

Evil Characters from Marvel, DC, Anime, and Disney

We all loved watching Villians on screen in the movies and reading about them in Books. Marvel, DC, Disney movies have shown us some of the evilest characters on screen, and no matter how bad they were, we either loved or hated them.

Villain Characters from DC Joker

Below is the list of Villain names from Popular movies and Books. These names are attractive, and as they are already popular, they immediately catch people’s attention.

  1. Joker
  2. Scar
  3. Kill Monger
  4. Anti Monitor
  5. King Bradley
  6. Lord Voldemort
  7. Loki
  8. Thanos
  9. Darth Vader
  10. Ursul
  11. The Mandarin
  12. Griffith
  13. Cruella de Vil
  14. Black Beard
  15. Red Skull
  16. Black Adam
  17. Maleficent
  18. Black Mask
  19. Captain Boomerang
  20. Dead Shot
  21. Jafar
  22. Ultron
  23. Madara Uchiha
  24. Deathstroke
  25. Gaston
  26. Winter Soldier
  27. Mysterio
  28. Frieza
  29. The Evil Queen
  30. Godzilla


Disney Villain Names

  1. Killer Croc
  2. Mister Freeze
  3. Professor Ratigan
  4. Ocean Master
  5. Simon Stagg
  6. Hades
  7. The Alien
  8. The Cheetah
  9. Shinobu Sensui
  10. Francis Scott
  11. Zoom
  12. Meruem
  13. Claude Frollo
  14. Aizen
  15. Scare Crow
  16. Norman Osborn
  17. The Penguin
  18. Doctor Octopus
  19. The Vulture
  20. Gorilla God


No matter how much we love the protagonists and heroes in a movie, we have to admit that there is a separate fanbase for evil characters, aka Villains. It’s a different love-hate relationship between antagonists and the audience.

We know that they are wrong, but still, we can’t stop liking them. And that’s why we are much fascinated with the Villian names than that of heroes. And I hope this article helped you with the best Villain names.

Thanks for reading, and please do check our website for more such articles.


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